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#WeekendReads {The Currently October Edition}

Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads

Books Finished This Week: Finder’ Keepers (Bill Hodges Trilogy #2), Stephen King. This is a mystery novel and one that’s almost as good as the first in the series. But I have to say – I like the King of old – the horror writing King.

Audiobook Completed: Horns, Joe Hill. Unique and interesting, although there were some eye-rolling moments, and one too many flash-backs. But overall, I liked it – and I like Hill’s style.

Currently Reading: Ghost Summer: Stories, Tananarive Due. Since #Diviersiverse is happening, I wanted to make sure I got in a book by an author of color who writes paranormal / horror books. Ghost Summer is a book of short storiesand 4 stories in – I am HOOKED!

Current Audiobook: Parasitology, Mira Grant. Because The Newsflesh trilogy was awesome sauce, 

Link Loving – Bookishness

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Fit Bits

💖 Crossfit – M/W/F

💖 Treadmill runs – M/T/Su – could have been better.

💖 Short hike on Saturday and Sunday.

💖 Started tracking on DailyMile.com and considering getting a running coach.

Challenge Updates

💖 6 books finished for R.I.P. X.

💖 Working on reading the 3rd book on my list of 6 Books on My Fall Reading List {The Mixed Bag Edition}.

💖 Finished scheduling October posts for the Blog Ahead Challenge. Goal for next week is to schedule November.


What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Oooh…sounds like you have some good spooky October reading going on! Me, too – reading The Three and just finished listening to The Cemetery Boys today. Such fun this month!

    I used to read every Stephen King book that came out but haven;t kept up lately – I need to get back to him.

    Enjoy your books this week –


    Book By Book

    1. @Sue I used to be like that with King and Koontz. I stuck with King but sadly had to let Koontz go.

  2. BAH! a-thanks for linking to me! So sweet!
    B- I have put off Finders Keepers for the fear of it not being good, you liked? Also, i’ve never read classes horror king. Only new age King [Revival, Mr Mercedes, etc] and The Green Mile [PERSONAL FAVE EVER].

    BUT I HAVE A QUESTION: I just put The Three on hold at the library, how terrifying is it? I did it via audio so I’m nervous! Haha!

    ALSO: loving the FITBITS section! 😉 You did great girl don’t sell yourself short!

    1. @Cassie The Passage is a slow paced book, because there is a lot of back story. Cronin is just as wordy as George R.R..Martin!

  3. I really liked Ghost Summer. Those 5 Weird Books by Women are my jam too. I read the Daphne duMaurier one and Revenge (both great!) but added the others to my Want list!

    My exercising was terrible this week. I caught a cold I just can’t shake.

    1. @Chrisbookarama Ghost Summer has been a pleasant surprise.

  4. I’ve been thinking about reading Joe Hill, since I only recently learned that he is Stephen King’s son. I don’t know why that makes a difference or should, but for some reason it does…in my mind anyway.

    1. @Bruan that attracted me too. I suggest starting with NOS4A2.

  5. I’m not a fan of horror so I prefer the new Stephen King! I haven’t read Finders Keepers yet but enjoyed Mr Mercedes last year so will try it sometime soon.
    A real running coach or a virtual one? I had a virtual one a few years ago as part of a free trial and found it did nothing for me. I don’t go to a running club anymore but when I went to my local one, that was great for improving my fitness.
    Thanks for including my post! Have a good week 🙂

    1. @Trish thanks for the rec. to check out local running groups. Thanks to you I looked around and found one. I also found a local coach in the area but I’m going to try it on a trial 2 month basis, then reevaluate.

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