Winter Goals {The 2016 Edition}

The start of a New Year is always a very hopeful time. Sure we have long-term plans, but here’s what we would like to achieve in the near future – our Winter Goals.

Kim: My focus this year is going to be on creating habits that will benefit me in every area of my life. Anything from a daily yoga practice to waking up an hour earlier every day. I’m using this tracker to chart my habit progress and these tips to help me stick my habits.

In addition to my personal goals, I’m going to be participating in this January Reset Challenge. The point is to document your goals and then go back to review your progress regularly throughout the challenge. You can read about the challenge here. I’m going to use the prompts for the Instagram challenge to journal about my progress.

Tanya: I’m no different from everyone else in that my main winter goals are …

  1. To get  back into a REGULAR work and exercise routine. I fell off a lot as my end of year work schedule became hectic and unpredictable (I have to learn how to cope with that). I’m focusing on the 12 Monthly Running Challenges for Your Strongest Year of Running Ever
  2. Read all the books on my Winter reading list. Just for once, I’d like to not get dazzled and distracted by all the pretties and focus!
  3. Run at least one winter race, probably a 5K as I run only on the treadmill during the Winter.

What is your #1 goal heading into 2016?

(Image credit: Ali Inay)


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  1. Renata

    Jan 09

    Interesting post! I haven’t heard yet about the January Reset! Yes this is the perfect time of year to get back to what we really want to be and what we want to do. Good luck! xx

  2. Amy Teegan

    Jan 04

    AWESOME!! SO glad you’re joining us for January RESET!! 🙂 Happy 2016!

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