Winter Weekend Reading Rituals and a #Weirdathon Reading List

The single digit temperatures seem to be fleeing the Mid-West, but I’ve enjoyed many a weekend evening wrapped up in a cozy nook, just reading the night away. Here’s a peek into my Winter weekend reading ritual.

Winter Weekend Reading Essentials

💕 Comfy Couch – preferable L-shape or with an ottoman. I read while the hubby watches tv. Our couch is from Ashley Furniture and I tend to change out pillows to match the season. The ones pictured are from Target.

💕 Blanket – anything that keeps you warm and toasty.

💕 Tea – my hot beverage of choice. Currently, I’m on a Bigelow Plantation Mint kick.

💕 Candles – maybe not essential, but it helps set the mood and create ambiance. Right now I’m loving Bath & Body Works Tiki Beach.

💕 A Good book – of course!

The Reads

I’m reading #weirdbooks for the March #Weirdathon and I just picked up The Cipher, Kathe Kojak which is about a video-store clerk who has a weeping hole in his hand – which he thinks has something to do with the large hole / black void in the storage room … it sure sounds weird!

Next up will be We Have Always Lived in this Castle, Shirley Jackson. The only other book I’ve read by Jackson is The Haunting of Hill House which was so atmospheric and memorable – it made my list of 4 Haunted House Books You Should NOT Read When You’re Home Alone.

And, no month of reading #weirdfiction would be complete without picking up something by China Mieville. I’m going to delve into Mieville’s short fiction with Three Moments of an Explosion. He’s probably the one author that I don’t care for his books – but I still keep reading – and I’m not sure why that is.

Plus (as if all that isn’t enough), I’m listening to the audiobook of Annihilation, Jeff Vandermeer. They keep sending expeditions to Area X, but the people who return (and most of them don’t) all die. This is the 12th expedition.

Do you have a favorite reading nook? When do you get the most reading done – during the week or on the weekends? What’s would you recommend for a weird fiction read?


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  1. I love your couch and cushions. My essentials are pretty much the same as yours but I’d swap the tea for coffee or water. And I’d add a fire coz it’s still cold here. And I like background noise too so I usually put on a playlist on my phone turned down low.

  2. Your winter weekend reading essentials sound perfect! Except I’d trade out the tea for hot chocolate 😛 But my favorite spot to read is in bed because the quiet and the darkness keeps me from getting distracted, and I get so much more sucked into the book.

    That book you described definitely sounds like the fits in the category of a weird book lol. I don’t think anything I can recommend would beat that!

  3. Nordie

    Mar 06

    If at home I tend to read in/on my bed. I can’t be in the same room as speech, so no tv or talk radio, though I can have music.

    I do read in restaurants, in part cos it’s a good way to avoid talking to other people. I also read on trains, but can’t read in cars or buses

  4. My favorite reading spot is in my bed under my electric blanket to keep me warm. Gotta have a blanket when I read.

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