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Your Work Planner Can Still Look Awesome {Planner Dashboards}

work planner hacks

work planner hacks

I’m using a minimalist hacked bullet journal for as my work planner which means the planner pages are functional and there’s not much embellishment with stickers etc. But one thing I still so – similar to Look at Your Goals Every Day – is to put reminders of my priorities in life, goals and affirmations in it. Here’s how you can subtly add these to you work journal too.

The First Page of Your Planner

planner dashboards

My current one says “Life is an Adventure, Enjoy Everyday“. Every time I open my journal, this is a reminder to laugh, hug someone, dream big, plan trips, have fun and thank God for the beautiful day he has provided.

Section Dividers

Plain section dividers can also be used to stick on a big printed version of you next goal, or a positive affirmation.

planner love


Change out your cards / printables every few months, so you don’t get blinded to the message.

planner love

What’s on the 1st page of your planner?

Thanks to Giftie Etc. for the inspiration for this post – The First Page in Your Planner.

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