Inspired by the 5 Random Things This Weekend during, Kim and I decided it might be fun to share 10 things from each month that made the month stand out for us. Kim did it in January, so here’s mine for February …



ONE. Games. We’ve been house-bound a lot in February – winter storms, car crapping out for a week, and so the hubs and I have been playing a lot of board games – especially Scrabble. Anybody have any recommendations for other games that 2 people can play? On the weekends, with our 15 year old son (the oldest is away in the Navy) – we’ve been playing Risk, which we all love, and Munchkins, which he loves and I’ve gotten to like a lot more too – it was just a steep learning curve for me.

TWO. Travel. February started the month out with a trip to Carlsbad in California for work, which is absolutely gorgeous! I was able to check out the beach and eat amazing seafood. It was a pretty awesome winter respite from the sub-zero temperatures in the Mid-West. It’s ending with a trip to Indiana (third time so far this year) – where my hotel is right across from an outlet mall … a pretty nice perk.

THREE. Using … One of the most used purchases I made this Winter has been an Ecotools Bamboo Bristle Bath Brush. Why have I not been using this all along? I cannot reach all of my back when I shower without it – a fact that became abundantly clear when I was staying at a hotel recently, taking a shower with their white rag – reached around to wash my back and – TMI – it was dirtayyy!! I bought the brush as soon as I came back!! I use it with the brush with Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub.

FOUR. Gear. In February, I decided to upgrade my work and travel gear – my gift to myself after getting a promotion. My work bag – which needs to carry my laptop, cords etc – I got this black Marc Jacobs bag from Wilson’s Leather (outlet). For travel, I got a black Samsonite Eco-Nu 25″ Expandable Spinner (from TJ Maxx). No more stuffing my Travelpro carry-on to the max with my steel-toe boots, sneakers, work clothes etc. And for some reason I wanted everything to match, so I got all black.

FIVE. Done. Things I crossed off my to-do list this month …

  • Take passport photos and submit passport application ✓
  • Return library books (still have 2 overdue though) ✓
  • Book travel through end of March ✓
  • Update bills calendar & spreadsheet for March ✓
  • Buy mom shoes – she wanted these flats from Nine West ✓ – anyone else parents not into setting up accounts online?
  • Buy suitcase

SIX. Blog. I didn’t do as much as I would like in February, but one of my favorite posts to write was Winter ABCs [The 2019 Edition] – definitely going to try to do it each season.


SEVEN. Reading has been very slow this month. I felt in a bit of a reading slump – but Cormoran Strike pulled me out – as soon as I was 5 minutes into the audiobook of Lethal White (Cormoran Strike #4), Robert Galbraith (pseudonym for J.K. Rowling) – I knew that my slump was ovahhh!

EIGHT. Broken. Things that broke in February – the furnace, my car and my phone … I’m really looking forward to March.

NINE. New … I tried was Matcha. My fave way to incorporate it is in smoothies – particularly ones I make with milk. I’ve also added it to my oatmeal, and had it just as the tea. One thing I learned is to use 1 teaspoon max – otherwise it imparts a nasty taste.

TEN. Looking forward next month to … seeing my parents, going for walks outside instead of on the treadmill and the start of Spring!

How was your month? Any highlights or faves to share?

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  1. Helen Murdoch

    Feb 25

    I am looking forward to getting back on my treadmill as I hurt my knee a week or so ago. I’ve been sitting far too much.

  2. oooh – games and travel – two of my favorite things!! A winter respite sounds lovely, and I love to explore new places. And you are SO lucky to have a husband who will play board games! Mine claims to hate games (though he likes trivia), and now that my sons are in their 20’s and mostly out of the house…I have no one to play with!

    Backgammon is lots of fun when there are just 2 people, and I can sometimes talk my husband into a card game, like Gin. I looove Scrabble – my mom and I play together 🙂

    I have only read the first Cormoran Strike novel, so I have some catching up to do!

    Hope March goes easier on you – sounds February was a tough one!

    BTW, I really like this post idea 🙂


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