10 Things [From Kim] This Month

Inspired by the 5 Random Things This Weekend during #AMonthofFaves, Tanya and I decided it might be fun to share 10 things from each month that made the month stand out for us. Here’s mine for January…

ONE. Chill Mode – Boy was December crazy. It felt like go, go, go the entire month. Typically I keep right on trucking into January going crazy with goal setting and habit tracking and the whole nine yards. This year I gave myself permission to let that all go. I officially hit ‘chill mode’ on January 1st. I’m getting all my adulting done and such, but I’m not pushing to be better, or do more, or work harder. I want my improvements to happen more naturally and smoothly this year instead of feeling forced in January. It’s been really nice.

TWO. Using a Meal Planning Service – I did a trial run of Sweet Peas Meals last year and I really loved it. I felt like I had fallen into a rut when it came to dinner time. Something that I once enjoyed doing had turned into a chore. So I decided to give SPM a try for an entire month. I have loved using the service this January and being re-inspired by food.

THREE. Shower Wand – I took Tanya’s advice from 4 Favorites From Around the (H)ome and bought this shower wand. Game changer, people. I actually clean my shower now. Kidding. Kind of.

FOUR. Chapter Book Time – I started reading chapter books with my 4 (almost 5) year old in the evening after I put my 1 year old to bed. We both LOVE it! We still do ‘book time’ with the whole family as part of our bedtime routine but this is extra special time just for him and I. I am so thankful to have that small bit of time with him. He doesn’t get near enough attention with a needy 1 year old in the house and it’s been frustrating for us both. I’m now on the hunt for the best early chapter books to read with him.

FIVE. Physical Books – Speaking of books, I haven’t listened to an audiobook since December. I’ve been all about the physical library books and have really enjoyed carrying them around with me. I’m sure I’ll get back into audiobooks soon, but I just haven’t had the desire to listen to anything this month.

SIX. #HowAboutComics – I found this hashtag this month. It was started last Fall by @lookprettybooks, @brgntteva, and @end.notes on Instagram. I’m excited to have a new source for a variety of great comics and graphic novels.

SEVEN. Peppermint Tea – I tried peppermint tea for the first time in December and loved it. I was gifted some more in my Christmas stocking and I have been drinking it ever since. I think I just love how awake and refreshed it makes me feel.

EIGHT. Sewing – I mentioned that my #OneLittleThing this month was to sew something I could wear. Nearly a year ago I fell down the rabbit hole of clothing patterns and fabric. I’ve been a sewer since I learned at 10, but as an adult it had only been something I’d done out of necessity, rather than fun. I’m newly excited about sewing, picking patterns, and choosing just the right fabric. I have a new desk now to set my machines up on so I don’t have to set up on the kitchen table and be in everyone’s way.

NINEMovies in the Theatre – I hadn’t seen a movie in the theater since before my oldest was born. A couple of months ago I took him to see his first theater movie. We saw Hotel Transylvania 3 and it was so much fun. So when my husband suggested that we try the afternoon ‘kid friendly’ movie with both boys, I was game. We went to see Smallfoot on New Years Day and again, it was a blast. My 1 year old did surprisingly well and only wandered the theater for the second half of the movie. Since it was a kid friendly show and everyone else there had wandering kids, I didn’t feel too bad.

TEN. Make or Break Decisions – As a dance teacher, I sometimes have to make tough calls to help my kids out. I had to make one this month, half way through the year. I chose to change their recital music. They’ve been working on this tap routine since September so this wasn’t an easy decision. They all loved the song but it was clear that musically, they weren’t keeping up. There were a lot of rhythm changes throughout the song and as 8 year old beginner dancers, they were struggling to make those transitions. They were unhappy about the music change at first, but once they realized how much easier the routine was flowing for them, they jumped on board. Now we’re finally making the progress we should have made three months ago and I’m glad I made the change even this late in the game.

So tell me, what is something that stood out in January for you or made the month awesome?

(Photo by Stephanie LeBlanc on Unsplash)


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  1. Jinjer

    Jan 28

    Being read to by your mama is one of the best things in the whole world!!!

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