4 Favorites From Around the (H)ome #SummerAtoZ

We’re just a wee bit over 1 year in our current home, and only a few rooms feel complete, but I’m loving the easy (and affordable) pace of putting everything together with favorites. Here are 4 things that I’m loving in and around our home.

1. Around the Home

My favorite thing around the home are the plants that I’m working on filling it with. The succulents have done the best and I keep a few in the dining room …


And more on the kitchen window sill that I’m growing from cuttings.

Plants on the Windowsil

All plants are in terra cotta pots that got a white film on them over time – which the internet tells me is salts depositing out from the hard water. I actually like the look so I don’t worry about it. Terra Cotta pots are not expensive and easy to find everywhere.

2. Cleaning the Home

Tanya – The one tool responsible for me not hating cleaning the bath showers and tubs anymore is this long handle Clorox Extendable Pole Tub and Tile Scrubber! This thing saves so much time and elbow grease – you don’t know how I literally jumped for joy the first time I used it.

Pledge and Chlorox Cleaning Wand

I’m also a total brand loyalist to Pledge Multisurface Cleaner for cleaning granite counter tops. That’s my primary reason for getting it, so one bottle ALWAYS lives in the kitchen. But it’s also good for cleaning glass and in the bathroom.

3. In the Bathrooms

Tanya – The flamingo bath mat (from Kohls) is my fave. I have 2 in our bathroom … and yes the matching hand towel too. I think they are fun and add a pop of color to brighten up all the brown and beige.

Pledge Multisurface Cleaner

4. Favorite “Thank God I Didn’t Spend That Much Money” Item

The doorbells. It’s $199 or more for a smart doorbell … and we have a long house which needed 2 doorbells. Plus – there’s “cloud storage” fees for the footage. So we went “updated old school” and got a regular wireless doorbell. Best decision ever! We got 2 Honeywell Series 5 Wireless Doorbells. You can sync them – so we mounted one (battery operated) receiver upstairs (using Gorilla double sided tape – which is also the BEST), and put one downstairs. The doorbells each ring both receivers – and we gave them different chimes, so we know when it’s the garage door, or the front door.

Honeywell Doorbell

I still have a long ways to go and more to add. What some things you’re loving in and around your home?

(Header Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash)

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