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7 More Favorites Around Our Homes

Favorites • 2 Comments

Last year, we shared with you 4 Favorites From Around the (H)ome and since it’s been awhile, we wanted to update the list and bring...

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6 Ways We Brought Fall Vibes Inside Our Homes


The Autumn season is downright magical! We love the crisp cool air, the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, the drama of Halloween...

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This Is Halloween [The 2019 Edition]


We go a little nuts for certain holidays and seasons here at GXO headquarters. While October is #WickedGoodReads Month when I’m...

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10 Random Things I Keep In My Freezer

Life • One Comment

Are you curious about other peoples refrigerator contents too? Why is this stuff so interesting? I have an upright freezer in my garage in...

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On Our Nightstand [The Mid-Winter 2019 Edition]

Life • 6 Comments

Let’s talk comforts of home. The bedroom is probably one of the most comforting places in your home, right? And your nightstand is...

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4 Favorites From Around the (H)ome #SummerAtoZ

Favorites • One Comment

We’re just a wee bit over 1 year in our current home, and only a few rooms feel complete, but I’m loving the easy (and...

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[Pantry Peek] 8 Spices Always in Stock in Our Homes

Life • 7 Comments

We wanted to share more GXO Food posts, so we took a peek into our pantries and found some things that we ALWAYS have on hand – this...

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