6 Ways We Brought Fall Vibes Inside Our Homes

The Autumn season is downright magical! We love the crisp cool air, the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, the drama of Halloween and all the family togetherness during Thanksgiving. Both of us tend to add little touches throughout our home for each of the seasons, and here’s 6 ways we brought out the Fall vibes inside this year.

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ONE+The start of the season for us is always signaled with the turning on of the fireplace. Our fireplace is gas (I love the convenience of this) but growing up we both had wood burning. Andy grew up in an old farmhouse with a wood burning stove right there in the kitchen. In my house we had a large wood burning stove both upstairs and downstairs. It’s just not Fall with fire burning- makes for perfect reading ambiance too.

TWO+ You always know that winter is around the corner when I start pulling out the flannel sheets. I love the coziness of the flannel sheets with a folded duvet at the bottom of the bed in case I get extra cold. I usually switch out the summery sheets by the beginning of November.

Habits Routines and Changes

[#AMonthofFaves Habits, Routines and Changes]

THREE+ Baking! I tend to do a lot more baking in the Fall and Winter. My personal favorite are holiday pies and cookies but this year I want to pull out some of my old recipes for scones and other pastries.


FOUR+ Scented pine cones are the best – even better than candles in my opinion. I love their spicy cinnamony smell and we buy a bag or 2 every year and put them throughout the house.

Fall Books Reading

FIVE+ Hanging wreaths indoors – and generally bringing in the colors of Fall – the bright oranges and greens are an every year thing. My favorite find in the “after Fall sales last year” was this felt wreath from Target. It’s so simple and understated, yet vibrant – completely matches the minimal modern vibes of our home.

Felt Fall Wreath

SIX+ Our menu also changes to bring on the soups. I make chicken noodle soup quite a lot during the cold seasons because it’s so easy to use left-over chicken from earlier during the week.

chicken noodle soup

I almost always make chicken noodle soup … almost all soups – with diced sweet potato and carrots. Yum!

How do you bring the Fall vibes into your home? Do you tend to read more or less as the temperatures cool down?


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