10 Random Things I Keep In My Freezer

Are you curious about other peoples refrigerator contents too? Why is this stuff so interesting? I have an upright freezer in my garage in addition to the freezer/fridge combo I have in the kitchen. Here are ten surprising things I keep in my freezer. Well, maybe not everything on this list will surprise you. Maybe you already freeze all of this too.? 

ONE. Cookie Dough and Bags of Cookies – I always make a double batch of cookies and freeze the second half of the dough or bake it up and freeze the bag of cookies. We pull them out for a quick treat later or you can crumble the frozen cookies in your bowl of ice cream.

TWO. Jam – My mother in law makes freezer raspberry jam every year. She has a large raspberry patch in her backyard and that jam is basically our very favorite thing. She gives us several containers of it at a time and we freeze what we aren’t currently eating.

THREE. Smoothie Packs – It’s so much easier for me if I pack my smoothie ingredients into baggies. Then I just have to dump the entire baggie into the blender along with some liquid and it’s done!

FOUR. Bread – Specifically the bread I bake like banana, zucchini, and pumpkin bread. I make mini loaves which unthaw super quickly. I wrap them individually and then send one to work with my husband and pull one out for the boys to share for breakfast. I also like to buy those large muffins from Costco (they’re buy one pack get one free) and wrap them individually. I can pull one or two out at the beginning of the week for my kids to share for a snack.

FIVE. Granola Bars and Energy Bites – My kids like the granola bars that are covered in chocolate or have chocolate chips in them. Having them frozen means they can keep their lunch box or snack bag cold when I pack it up for a day at the zoo and the chocolate won’t melt all over the place before they have a chance to eat it. I also make these easy energy bites for them to snack on. I put a jar of them in the fridge and keep more in the freezer.

SIX. Ice Cubes of Everything – Seriously. I make ice cubes out of everything I have extra of. Broth, Tomato paste, coffee/herbal tea/juice for make fun drinks later on, chipotle peppers- often a recipe only calls for one or two so I put each of the rest of them plus some of the juices in the ice cube tray and freeze for later. So dang easy to just pull out one or two when you need them.

SEVEN. Seeds – We love to garden and often save seeds from the vegetables we really loved. We stick the seeds in the freezer until we’re ready to plant them the next year.

EIGHT. Hummus and Guacamole – Dips. I love dips. Gotta have some on hand at all times. I like to freeze those individual hummus packs to throw in lunch boxes and I freeze my favorite guacamole for when I need a mid-winter fix and fresh avocados are hard to come by. Did you know you can also freeze whole avocados?

NINE. Gogurts – Gogurts are a fun treat for the kids at any time, but freeze them and it somehow adds extra excitement. At least it does for my kids. Grapes are a fun treat to freeze too.

TEN. Butter – Real butter is usually a good price a couple of times a year and that’s when I stock up.

Do you keep anything interesting or out of the ordinary in your freezer?


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  1. Vicki

    Nov 29

    I love this post and will be copying some of these ideas. I just bought a huge upright freezer because my side by side fridge/freezer doesn’t hold much.