(A)round Here [Watch, Listen, Eat]

Around here I’m reevaluating how I spend my time and trying to get back to the things that really matter to me. It’s funny how your life can kind of take over and you to have reign things in to take back control for yourself. Does that make sense? Well, here’s just a snippet of some little things I’ve been loving lately…


Firefly! Okay, I know I’m insanely late to the party on this one but I’d never seen it. My husband checked out the DVDs from our library and we’ve been watching one or two every night. We really don’t watch that much TV these days so this has been kind of fun. Definitely my kind of show.


Stories Podcast, Circle Round, and Story Pirates podcasts for kids. Music for me- mostly one of my favorite female artists, Lights. She wrote and illustrated a comic series to accompany her latest album and I’m basically obsessed.


Take out. A lot. I’ve been in a major cooking rut lately. I turned to one of my favorite cooking blogs to find some new recipes to try recently. I’m challenging myself to cut back on the take out for the month of July.

Tell me a show I need to watch after we finish Firefly!


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