10 Things I Use (D)aily [The Late Spring 2022 Edition]

As we head into a change of season and the warmer summer months, some of my habits and things I do or use change. But these are 10 things that I do every day (or almost every day) currently.

ONE+ We recently switched to the Philips Sonicare 5100 electric toothbrush and love it! It’s powerful, holds the charge for more than a week and comes with a travel case. Of course, brushing my teeth is one of the first things I do when I get up in the mornings, and when I’m going to bed at night.

TWO+ Another must have for mornings is the Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. It’s pricey but one of those things that I splurge on because of my skin type / history. It works for me and I haven’t found many others that work as well.

THREE+ In case you didn’t know, I have locs and my hair gets soooo dry! Every morning I mist it with Well’s 100% Pure Rose Water to put some moisture in it. Locs are relatively low daily maintenance which is one of the reasons I choose to have my hair like this. The other things I use in my hair (almost) every morning are African Pride Moisture Miracle Coconut Oil & Baobab Oil Leave-In Cream and African Pride Moisture Miracle 5 Essential Oils.

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FOUR+ The 40oz Hydro Flask is saving my life right now! I’m trying to drink more water, especially living in Florida and my goal is to refill at least once. It also keeps water cold for hours. It’s usually the first thing I drink from in the morning when I’m headed out for a run and then I continue drinking from it throughout the day.

FIVE+ Gummy Multivitamins. I absolutely hate taking the regular huge multivitamin pills and with gummies, I tend to be more consistent. Right now I’m taking the One a Day Women’s and will usually take it in the morning after working out, when I’m chugging a lot of water, or with my first meal. I’ve tried to tie those 2 habits together so I remember.

SIX+ I also take Health by Habit Energy Capsules. They are slim pills that go down easily. This is basically B vitamins which help keep me evenly balanced throughout the day in terms of my energy levels. I suffer from serious energy dips and malaise sometimes and this helps. I’ll take a pill at the same time as my multivitamin.

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SEVEN+ I’m not a pen freak but I’m still ride or die for the Pilot G-2 0.38mm pen which I’ve been using for years. It’s ultra-fine and doesn’t bleed onto the next page. I’m also still using a simple dated paper planner for work and that’s been a great system. For both of these, I might not use them every single day – but certainly every weekday. I open this every morning when I flip open my laptop.

EIGHT+ My fitness watch, which I wear everyday is the Garmin Vivoactive 4S. I’ve been a Garmin gal for years although I don’t use a fraction of the features that exists and I’m still learning a lot more about it. Mainly I use the time (it is a watch after all) and to record my workouts (run, bike, weights and hikes), for the weather and the training calendar. This goes hand in hand with the Garmin Connect phone app. I will admit that the features on the newly release Garmin 955 have me eyeballing buying it

NINE+ My phone – the OnePlus 9 Pro with this Poetic Guardian phone case. I finally know what it is to have a phone with a good camera, and it charges superfast too. But more than the actual phone itself, I use a lot of apps which make life easier – finance, fitness, audiobooks, music, shopping apps.

TEN+ Beats Fit Pro and they are amazing even if you have small ears like I do. It seems the key is choosing the right size plastic tips – and they have 3 sizes to choose from. They’re also noise cancelling. I use these daily whether it’s when I’m exercising or listening to an audiobook, or work calls, or chatting on the phone.

Those are 10 things that I use everyday. What’s one thing that you do, or use everyday?


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