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6 Things Saving our Lives Right Now [The Fall Edition]

Plant Smiles Fall Decor

We did a 12 Things Saving Our Lives Right Now [The Mid-Winter Edition] earlier this year, and now that’s it’s a few months later, and Fall – here’s 6 things saving our lives right now – the Fall 2018 Edition.

✤ Kim … ONE. Agendio Custom Planner. I love my new custom designed planner so much. It’s awesome to have a planner that is working for me in all the ways that I need it to.

TWO. Weekly Park Playdates. It’s finally the perfect temperature for playing outside- but it won’t last long. We’re taking advantage of it by meeting up with a few friends every Thursday morning and it’s been so nice to just sit and chat while the kids burn off energy.

THREE. Marco Polo AppI have two sisters. One lives in Wyoming and the other just moved to Arizona. With me being in Utah, that means we don’t see each other often. We started using the Marco Polo app about a month ago and it’s so fun! It’s almost like we’re in the same room chatting all day long. It’s been fun for the cousins too, who send little videos out to each other every now and then and completely love it when they get one in return.

✤ TanyaFOUR. Fall decorating. I’m much more of a minimalist these days, but adding Autumnal touches to our home just puts me in a good mood. Inside we’re decorating for Fall – and we’re keeping Halloween decor to outside this year. Nobody is into the spookiness as much anymore.

Plant Smiles Fall Decor

Welcome Fall Table

FIVE. Sheet Face Masks! I’ve developed a mild obsession with using them – quite possibly due to the relaxing feel of just taking 20 minutes out to myself while I lay there luxuriating in a bathrobe with goop all over my face. I love experimenting and trying different ones, but so far my favorites are the Cucumber Hydrating Face Sheet Mask from Trader Joe’s ($2.00) – because I’ve gone back and re-bought this many times and  GlamGlow Instamud 60-Second Pore-Refining Treatment ($42.00 @ Sephora) because it’s doesn’t take 20-30 minutes like most, I use this 2x/week.

SIX. Fall Inspired Scented Hand Soaps. I’m a Brand Loyalist when it comes to Bath and Body Works Hand-soaps – and usually pick up some of their seasonal scents – Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (Foaming) + Stress Relief Eucalytpus & Spearmint (Foaming) + Autumn Sunshine (Gentle Exfoliating).

What’s saving your life right now?

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