#AMonthofFaves – These are a Few of Our Favorite Things [2022]

What have been some of your favorite things used or done so far this year? I’ve shared favorites a few of mine in January, February, March and August (and ALL of our favorites are here), but below are some more things that I’ve been loving lately.

ONE+ We don’t use real candles in our home but these LED battery operated flameless candles (with remote/timer) are so awesome. I use them all over our house through the Christmas holidays and the winter season. They use 2 AA batteries each, and you can set them to be on for 4, 6 o 8 hours. I currently have them on for about 6 hours from 6PM to midnight.

TWO+ Add this to the “things you didn’t know you needed” category – the Ontel Battery Daddy 180 Battery Organizer and Storage Case with Tester. Everything in one place! I was tired of the loose batteries rolling around in the drawer.

THREE+ Another very practical fave is the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD Power Bank which can power a USB-C laptop among many other devices. It’s a brick though!

FOUR+ Clearly not everyone needs a second “portable” monitor but lemme tell you – it freaking rocks to have one when you work from remote locations and have to use multiple documents at once including a clunky, funky spreadsheet … just sayin’. The ViewSonic VA1655 15.6 Inch 1080p Portable IPS Monitor has both a HDMI and USB-C connection which gave it the edge above others. Plus it has a kick-stand to make it easy to use.

FIVE+ I heart Eufy products. The Eufy battery powered doorbell was on our fave list last March, and now I can recommend the HomeVac S11. It’s a stick vacuum and I’ll never go back to those huge clunky vacs again. My recommendation comes with the caveat though – we don’t have pets, or rugs or carpet … so it doesn’t have to do much “heavy lifting.”

SIX+ Bath & Body Works Birch & Eucalyptus Hand Cream – they say it’s for men, but I love the minty woodsy scent. You all should know by now that I loves me some BBW lotions, hand soaps and body sprays, so at least one of their products was going to show up here.

SEVEN+ Now that we have to furnish a new home, there’s a constant stream of “little things” that we need to get … like lamps for our nightstands. I really want to be like one of those home shows and say I got the cutest vintage lamp … but the reality is I got these simple modern ones from Amazon. I’m recommending them because they are very reasonably priced – 2 for $52 on sale, there’s a power knob on the base (didyaknow you have to think about this – because if the source was on the cord, then you have to stretch to get it – ughhh), it’s dimmable (using the same knob) and it has 2 USB ports in the side of the base.

EIGHT+ While we still do a real tree every year, we also have an artificial one. This year, I bought the Easyfashion 7.5 Ft Frosted Artificial Flocked Christmas Tree (Walmart) on sale. It looks great in person, full and fluffy – although note that it doesn’t come prelit so you’ll have to add lights. The only thing is the flocking sheds a lot when you’re setting it up – as has been my experience with other flocked trees as well.

NINE+ I’ve been dying to get some of those cool looking big cycling sunglasses and finally hit the jackpot with the ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses. I look so badass in them … now if only I could figure out how to ride faster, sweat less and conquer hills!

TEN+My most recent favorite is for anyone doing strength training at home – completely free – Caroline Girvan Iron series on Youtube. If you’re a Peloton member and do (or want to do) the strength workouts, I also highly recommend the #hardCore on the Floor Facebook group. The moderator posts a monthly calendar with workout stacks for every day. It’s an easy no-brainer way to get it done. Usually a 10 minute core/barre/yoga / flow class, a 10 minute strength class and another 20 minute strength class for the day. Do 1 or more – it’s up to you!

What were some of your favorite things or activities this year?


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