This look at my favorites is truly something I look forward to sharing each month (or thereabouts). For me, it’s a reminder to appreciate the small (and not-so small) things in life, because they serve a purpose and make our lives just a little more easier or pleasurable in some way. Here’s a few things that rocked my January.

winter quarry

ONE+ Like everyone else I’m doing Wordle every day. In case you haven’t heard about it before – the object is to guess the word of the day in 6 tries. No hints. This website has no ads or anything – rare to see these days.

TWO+ This soooo random but we had our cars detailed a few weeks ago, and they gave us Little Trees Vent Wrap air freshners. Each one just goes on the AC/ heat vent slat in the car and it blends in seamlessly. Genius idea! I love a good smelling car and the “Black Ice” scent is fairly warm, woodsy and neutral. It’s described as “a mysteriously enticing masculine scent of woods and citrus.” You can get it at Amazon / Target etc.

THREE+ I’ve been running and cycling quite a bit over the past few months and I’m here to tell you the Theragun Elite is legit! It’s one of the gifts I gave my brother this Christmas – and he … I … have been using it since then. It is pretty quiet and boy oh boy does it hurt when you use it on those tight spots for the first time. I’ve started using it after every workout session.

FOUR+ Also from my running life – or in this case – my cold weather running life – is the Smartwool Baselyer shirt. Duuudddeee this shirt is the BEST at keeping you warm. Tolerance for the colder temperatures is such an individual thing and I have little to no tolerance for it … so I was using this for temps in the 30s and high 20s (with and without an additional layer depending on wind etc.) – which for me is the coldest temperature you will ever find me running outside. The Smartwool Baselayer is not cheap – but it is worth every single cent I spent on it.

FIVE+ Generally, I spend little to no time styling my hair … I can and should do better … so my first baby step is using Wire Bow Scrunchies like these instead of regular hair ties. They are just a little step-up but amps up the cute factor in a bun or braid.

Those are a few things I’ve been loving lately. What’s one thing you’ve been loving this month?


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