#AMonthofFaves Day in the Life [The Weekend Edition]

I love seeing a sneak peak into how people navigate their lives which is why “A Day in the Life’ type posts is one of my faves to read. Here’s a check-in on how I spent this past weekend (Friday to Sunday) to usher in the 2nd week of #AMonthofaFaves.

10 Things This Weekend

ONE+ Friday is a workday and I typically meet a friend at a local coffee shop and we work. This Friday was no different. It may sound weird to say, but it helps to facilitate deep work for me. My “co-worker” is the Director of HR recruiting for a large health care company, and I work in the food manufacturing industry – so our jobs couldn’t be more different. Today, I was there from 8:30AM – 1:30PM, worked on some “gluten-free” projects that I was behind on, then headed home and finished working there.

TWO+ After work, I headed to the airport to pick up our youngest son who is home from college until Dec. 26th. He’s 19 now – 2nd year in college and a swimmer. We bought our house while he was in school (although he looked at with us while he was here in the summer), so we just hang out together at home with his dad and chit chat, eat “Chinese food” for dinner and catch up on how he’s been doing.

THREE+ Saturday morning is “long ride” morning and I either normally head out for a group ride at 8:30AM, or do it solo on the indoor trainer, but I have been feeling very uninspired to get on the bicycle recently. Instead, since we have a whole bunch of people coming to stay for Christmas and not much furniture, the hubs and I head out around 8:30AM to go look for sofas. We hit up about 5 stores, find 1 really good contender … but we need 2 … by next week. We’re back by noon because he heads out with our youngest to a local hangout where he plays in a corn-hole tournament every other week.

FOUR+ While they’re out, I clean up a little bit, finish putting up the Christmas decorations … and watch TV … and read … and order a Hawaiian pizza. Saturdays is my chill day! I’m on team pineapple can go on pizza – but I switched it out for banana peppers this time – so good!

christmas mantle 2022

FIVE+ I’m reading The Kingdom, Jo Nesbo. It’s just OK for me so far. I’m flirting with not finishing it because I have so many library titles to read. I watched How to Ruin Christmas Season 3 (3 episodes) … not as good as the first 2 seasons but still entertaining. I’m also listening to the audiobook Daphne, Josh Mallerman. Also just OK for me.

SIX+ My son and hubs get back around 5:30PM and we play a few games of Rummikub together. Whoever wins picks what we can watch together while playing. I usually pick Blackish, my son usually picks American Ninja Warrior and my husband … he picks are very varied – usually an older movies – he likes the classics.

SEVEN+ Sunday morning is long run day. This is the 2nd week of a Garmin half marathon training plan – I’m not actually training for anything specific, but being on a plan helps me not miss runs – and it’s only 3 days per week. Today calls for 10 mins warm-up, 5 mile run and 10 mins cool-down. I’m doing it on the treadmill, so I head to the gym at 7:30AM … warm-up and start at 8AM. I’m so proud of myself for getting this done – 7 miles in the bank!

EIGHT+ I get together with a few friends every other week or so for “Sunday Fun-day”. It’s usually a long leisurely brunch, followed by drinks somewhere. So after my run, shower, hair wash, my son and I head out at noon. There’s a Christmas street fair downtown so we walk around for a while before he leaves and I walk over to meet 2 friends for brunch. The theme of the fair was Dickens at Christmas and so many people were dressed up as characters – it was so awesome.

The “Christmas wish tree” was a highlight as well. People wrote their wishes on a wood ornament and placed it on the tree.

My wish – to run a half marathon next year

NINE+ After brunch, we went to a cute little bar and had a raucous time for a while longer! My son eventually joined us and then the husband,. I cannot tell you how much we laughed! Such a great time.

TEN+ We got home around 7:30PM. My son went off to do his own thing – gaming / watching anime; the hubs watched more football, and I started typing this post up.

This weekend was very typical – not super-exciting, especially after I re-read last-year’s “A Day (Week) in the Life” filled with flights and being in multiple different states, but I treasure time at home when I can have a regular routine and hang out with friends and family. What was your weekend like?


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