#AMonthofFaves A Picture a Day (A Week in the Life)

Am I alone in loving to see a little slice of someone else’s “day in the life?” Today’s #AMonthofFaves topic is to share your day or week. Here’s a snapshot from each day of the past week – from last Friday to this Thursday.

Tanya Patrice

Friday – Swim Meet. Michigan.

Spent the day watching my son’s swim meet. It was an away meet for him and his team and just wonderful to see him as a college student.

Saturday – Concert. Indiana.

Drove our son back to college in Indiana because he’s also in the Choir and they had a Christmas concert along with the band, orchestra and a kindergarten choir. It was phenomenal. His school colors are blue – mine was orange – what’s your college or high school colors?

Sunday – Santa Run. Illinois.

Back at home, I ran a 5K race with a bunch of Santa’s. Cold and fun. Do you have any holiday traditions with your friends or family?

Monday. Airports and Airplanes.

Flew to Reno for work, with a layover in Denver. Long day … long few days. When was your last trip – where did you go?

Tuesday. Work and a great dinner. Reno, Nevada.

4th state in 5 days – 5 if you count the layover in Denver. Worked all day and then had a wonderful dinner with colleagues at The Shore. Food to die for – the mussels are a MUST HAVE. What was the last really good meal you ate? Where was it – who made it?

Wednesday. Flying Back home. Illinois.

Left the airport in Reno at 5:30AM. Flight time, layover, time change, car ride home – reached the house at 3:30 PM. Completely knackered and couldn’t do anything much other than hang with the hubs, sleep and watch TV. We watched Cowboy and Bepop on Netflix. We watched a few episodes … it’s not great (but not terrible). Do you have a recommendation for something to watch over the holidays?

Thursday. Work and Catch-up. Home.

Hoem Office Work Desk

I still work from home (the offices aren’t open yet) and I do not miss that 75 min drive each way. Today was work but with Christmas music playing in the background. But also we had the tiler come to fix the bathroom (yay), took my dad to the doctor for a check-up and put up most of the Christmas decorations after wor – and finish this post!


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  1. Nylse

    Dec 12

    Devoted reader here.
    Your son is handsome – maybe that’s why you’re getting so many comments! 🙂
    Haven’t traveled in a long time. I think it was last year to Fort Lauderdale.

    Lovely post!

  2. Akilah

    Dec 12

    Busy week, but I love that you chose to showcase the week this way. Great pictures! I hope you get a chance to rest soon.

  3. Jinjer

    Dec 11

    Wow! Your son is so handsome! Love the suit and tie. Our highschool colors were orange & black.

    I always enjoy these day/week in the life posts so much!

  4. Joanne

    Dec 11

    I love day in the life/ week in the life posts filled with photos and fun! The last time I flew on a plane had to be in 2019 when we went to Colorado and up through South Dakota.

  5. This is my favorite post you’ve ever written. 🙂 Love seeing a glimpse into your life- which is absolutely nutso how busy you are! haha. But I love it. Love these photos!

    • Tanya Patrice

      Dec 10

      Ahh thx Kim – this was not a typical week! But reading it back, I now better understand why I’m feeling the stress of the holidays!

      • Understandable! These memories are all worth it. I love the silly pic of you and I love seeing a glimpse of your son. He’s such a handsome guy!

  6. Natasha

    Dec 10

    WoW! You had a CRAZY week! My last trip was to Saskatchewan to see my parents and it’s also where I ate the last really good meal I had. My parents are phenomenal cooks. I love your idea of a photo a day for a week. This is a great way to share.