It’s been a few months but our monthly Favorites series is back! It’s a great way to keep track of some awesome things that have saved my life throughout the year, and I love sharing them with you. It’s coming at you a bit late since we’re currently in March, but … better late than never!


ONE+ I have been obsessed with the virtual cycling platform Zwift since the beginning of the year! For some people Peloton is their jam (and I do like it too), but for me Zwift has been the thing that got me back into regular exercise.

There’s so much you can do when it comes to cycling (and running) – and currently I’m enjoying riding the different routes and collecting the badges for completing them as well as the group rides and Zwift challenges. The community has also been pretty phenomenal.

TWO+ My family’s most played game recently has been Mexican Train Dominoes. It is really easy to learn and can be played by as few as 2 and up to 8. We have quite a collection of games because of this pandemic – even a few that we’ve bought but haven’t played yet.

THREE+ Just Dance 2021 (for the Nintendo Switch) – This recommendation is from my 7 year old niece. The sweat will be intense, and it’s a good way to sneak in some exercise without them even knowing it.

FOUR+ Digital Magazine Subscriptions (Amazon) – There are some amazing deals to be had on digital magazine subscriptions ($6.00 / yr or less) – and add to that the FREE 28-day trial. In my experience, if you cancel during that 28-day window, and then go back in a few days – the price will drop even lower ($1.99 / year).

FIVE+ Women’s Paris Slide Slippers – These plush indoor slippers are so comfortable. We have hardwood floors on the lower level and no rugs, so these help keep the feet nice and toasty during the winter.

What’s one thing that you love and would recommend we try?


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  1. Bev

    Mar 11

    We love Mexican Train! Also Scattegories, cribbage and Rack-o

    • Tanya Patrice

      Mar 11

      Bev – haven’t tried Cribbage yet – next on our list!

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