12 Things Saving Our Lives Right Now [The Mid-Winter Edition]

We’re linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy today to share What’s Saving Our Lives Right Now – the Winter Edition … because when you live in places like Utah and Illinois – you better know or learn how to deal with it – or embrace it if you can.

✤ Kim … ONE. Early morning date with a book. I’m not up early to read every day, but doing this 3-4 times a week is helping me squeeze in so much more reading.

TWO. Anker Wireless Soundbuds. My husband has been trying to get me to convert for ages. I finally agreed to try some and I love them! Now I’m listening to my audiobooks three times more than before when I had to carry my Ipod or phone around everywhere to do it. These have a magnetic feature that when you connect them together they automatically turn off. So I keep them clipped around my neck all day and pop them in when I fancy a listen.

THREE. Contigo Coffee Thermos. With kiddos to chase in the morning, I often found myself reheating my coffee four or five times before actually getting to drink it. Now I pour it straight into my thermos and it stays warm all morning. I also love the autoseal feature on this one.

FOUR. One night a week ‘me time‘. I would go bat shit crazy without this time away every week. Not kidding.

FIVE. Netflix. Hubs and I watch a show a couple of nights a week after the kids are down. We don’t watch much TV, but this has proven to be an amazing way for us to unwind. Currently on Season 2 of The Magicians. I read the first book in the series and didn’t love it but now, after seeing the show, I might try it again.

SIX. Simply On Purpose Instagram feed. Parenting is hard, right? Like, really hard. Listening to Ralphie’s positive parenting suggestions every day on Instagram is seriously the biggest game changer in my life right now as a stay at home mom.

SEVEN. Reviewing my goals everyday. Taking Tanya’s advice to do this means that my goals are always at the forefront of my mind. Having something that I care about to actively work on keeps me excited and energized from day to day. There’s something totally thrilling and addictive about seeing my personal progress every day.

✤ Tanya … EIGHT. Getting up early with enough time to ease into the day. I’ve started trying to be up by 6 AM when I work from home, so I have some “me” time before I start with work at 7AM. When I have my 60-75 minute commute into work – instead of grumbling about it, I stop for my cuppa Dunkin Donuts coffee and make sure I have an audiobook ready.

Good Morning Moon

NINE. Vitamins. Last year I had terrible lethargy and it turned out iron and vitamin D deficiencies were to blame. Someone also suggested I take vitamins B12 for energy – so daily I take: a Multivitamin, Iron, B12 and D – all Gummies or Chewables since I hate taking pills. My energy levels have been the better for it.

TEN. Working from home and cozy coffee shops. I’ll be forever grateful for this time in my life when I don’t have to rush into an office (or factory) every morning. When I do go in to work.


ELEVEN. Hot Tea. On winter mornings, I drink Caribbean Dream Unsweetened Ginger Tea. I credit this as the reason I haven’t had a cold or the flu in 18 months. Lately, I’ve been adding a teabag of Bigelow Peppermint Tea and a drop or 2 of honey. In the evenings, I’ve been enjoying Simpson & Vail Almond Sugar Cookie Tea – so amazingly good.

TWELVE. Family game nights. It makes the winter evenings more fun – what’s not fun is that I always lose!

It also goes without saying that books are saving both our lives right now too. What’s saving you life right now?






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  1. Wow, the wireless soundbuds sound SO cool! I know I need some tech upgrades.

    My husband really likes The Magicians (both the books & the TV show). I haven’t tried the show yet, but we also really enjoy our TV time together – we watch 2 shows together each night (and then go up to bed for an hour of side-by-side reading 🙂 ).

    Wow, up at 6am?? I am so impressed. Wish I could do that….

    Enjoy these last days of winter – spring is on the way! (after this snowstorm we’re getting tonight…)


    Book By Book

  2. Thanks for the reminder about the vitamins. I think I need to get some Vitamin D. I took it last winter and forgot about it this year! I’ll have to look for those teas. They sound delicious.

  3. Great post and mmm, both of those hot teas you mention sound divine. I love bluetooth wireless headphones too. They are amazing.

  4. Mainegirl

    Feb 03

    Love games! What game do you play with your teenage boy, Tanya? I find it very hard to engage mine. That almond sugar cookie tea sounds amazing!

    • Tanya Patrice

      Feb 03

      @Mainegirl – they both loved Risk – and Munchkin.

  5. hillary

    Feb 03

    I hear you on the wireless Bluetooth earbuds. When I got my Cochlear ear implants and learned that they had a wireless Bluetooth thingie to listen to music and stuff on om phone AND the Tv and almost anything else that produces sound and I can put my phone down and walk all round without having to pick it up I was so happy. Now I ALWAYS am listening to something and better yet t streams right into my implants! The sound is amazing.

  6. Morning me time has been a life saver lately. I’ve never been a morning person but I’m a convert now that I can get some peaceful reading, journaling and self-care done before anybody else is up.

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