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My Top Picks For Winter Adventure Gear

One of our favorite ways to spend time together as a family is to get outside together. We try to be active outside all year long, even in the cold winter months. Being cold is one of my least favorite things and having cold, crying kids is even worse. So over the years we’ve gotten smart at buying the best gear for everyone so we can all have a good time on our adventures. Here are some my favorite pieces of winter gear…

Our favorite places to find winter gear for our family are REI and Sierra Trading Post. We’ve also found some great stuff via Amazon. It’s been worth it for us to spend a little extra on quality gear.

ONE. Merino Wool Socks. Everyone has a pair of merino wool socks of varying thickness. My husband has a pair of Darn Tough socks. I have Smartwool Socks and absolutely love them.

My toddler also has a pair of Smartwool Socks and they have been total game changers. Even my little 8 month old little dude has his own pair of Smartwool Booties.

TWO. Insulated Winter Boots. Last winter, when my son was two, we bought these Kamik Snoday boots for him and I haven’t regretted it for one second. We sized up so that they’d fit in for more than one winter. This works fine because his thick wool socks make up the size difference. Kamik has boots for all ages too, not just kiddos.

I have a pair of Sorrel Winter Boots. I’ve had them for a few years and highly recommend them. My only mistake was that I bought the midrise boots, I think because they were on sale at the time. Next time I’ll buy the highrise boots.

Hubs has a pair of Northside Waterproof Boots that he’s had for years and still likes.

THREE. Insulated Gloves or Mittens. This most important thing I look for when I buy winter gloves is that they need to have a tight closure around the wrist. Personally, I prefer mittens because having my fingers right next to each keeps them warmer. I have this pair of Gordini Mittens. But really, it’s personal preference. If you’re worried about dexterity then you might want to try a pair of convertible mittens. My husband wears a pair of old Burton snowboarding gloves that he’s had for years.

We have the absolute best pair of Head winter gloves for my almost 4 year old. The long zipper means that they never get snow in them, they’re easy to put on and they stay on. My baby doesn’t need mittens or boots because of his snowsuit.

FOUR. Under Clothes. Long underwear is key to staying warm. I love dressing the kiddos in layers because you’re inevitably freezing when you first get out and then you start shedding layers as you get moving and warm up a bit. Lots of kids will shed their coat when sledding because they work up a sweat climbing the hill.

So anyway, for me I go with a Merino Baselayer top and Baselayer pants. There are less expensive options though. When we first started venturing out in the winter I just bought a pair of thick, fuzzy leggings from Target and they worked fantastically as my under layer. I throw a fleece zip up top on over this and some stretchy pants and I’m good. Typically I’m carrying one of the kiddos in a carrier so they keep me warm enough.

My baby currently wears a long sleeve onesie and long, stretchy pants. On top of that I put him in footie pajamas, fleece jumpsuit, or a fuzzy suit like this one if it’s extra cold or windy.

My preschooler has this pair of thermal pajamas and then he wears sweats over top them.

FIVE. Snow pants and Coats. Baby gets packed all cozy like into a bunting snowsuit. My preschooler wears snow pants and a coat that we picked up last year at Shopko. Nothing fancy and it works just fine. Like I mentioned before, it’s the underlayers that really make the difference. Hubs and I wear snowboarding pants to keep dry and my husband has an old Helix winter coat he wears. My coat is from Eddie Bauer and it was one of the best splurges ever. I love it. It’s discontinued but similar to this down parka.

SIX. Hats and Beanies. As far as hats are concerned, we have a variety of thick beanies that work nicely. I always like to make sure they have ear flaps and for the baby, a way to tie it under his chin. I usually wear an ear warmer and a beanie because my ears are super sensitive to the cold.

SEVEN. Sled. We have the best Otter Sport sled and we use it for a lot more than just sledding. We typically pull it behind us when we winter hike to carry random gear or so that the kids can get in and ride if they get tired. For sledding, it’s awesome. It’s sturdy enough that my husband can ride in it and big enough that we can take one or both of the kids with us down the hill.

Do you like to get outside in the winter?

(Title Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash)

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