My 2019 Everyday Carry

For my job, I work from many different places – including from home, at our corporate center, and at many off-site locations – which may or may not have wi-fi. This oswhat’s in my bag so that I can work from anywhere without having to think about whether I left something somewhere – and then there’s my super-simple gear, for when I’m not working.

My Work from Anywhere Gear

After going through lots of different bags, I’ve come to the conclusion that my work bag must have long straps. So I prefer messenger or cross-body type bags these days. I’m currently using this Aldo “Norman” Messenger bag. It’s really cute but a small-medium size, so it doesn’t fit a lot of stuff.

Work Bag

In my bag, there’s my work laptop- a hefty 15 inch HP. The bag came with a laptop sleeve ( which is removable) so that where my laptop is stashed. There’s enough room left in the bag for the power cord, a USB cord and a KMashi Portable charger. Then there’s my gold Aimee wallet, a floral pouch that stores receipts from my trips & a small pouch with a few toiletries. And lastly, 2 pens (red & black) and a highlighter, plus a pair of rose gold headphones.

Inside My Work Bag

And of course, my work ID, a pack of chewing gum and a small tin of Altoids mints. Since the bag is small – I’ve pared it down to the basics and everything goes in the same place every time. There’s a few pockets inside, on the front and back, and I make use of these without making it too bulky. For example, my work ID stays in the zippered pocket at the back because it’s easy to reach. I’ll also put my phone there.

Work Bag Organization

I also carry a backpack with me when I’m going in to the office, or when I’m working at an external site (and when I’m traveling). When I’m going in to the office – the backpack has my lunch, water bottle and Contigo travel mug (the BEST). I got the Dakine backpack at an airport in Oregon because I like the 2 pockets on the side which hold my mug & water bottle.

Dakine Backpack Work Gear

When I’m working off-site, instead of lunch, it has my steel-toe shoes that I need to change into when I go into the production areas.

Dakine Backpack Work Gear

My Other Everyday Carry

When I’m not going to work, I carry a Coach bag with just my gold Aimee wallet and Moto G5S+ phone.

Coach Purse and Phone

It’s actually pretty rare that I ever need to take anything else with me, but this bag can fit a few more essentials if I need it.

My current work set-up looks a little different from My 2018 Work From Anywhere Bag. How often do you change things up?


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  1. Helen Murdoch

    May 15

    I was having shoulder troubles to the PT told me to carry a backpack. I LOVE my new Knomo one that I got!

  2. Vicki

    May 15

    All your products are impressive. I have a lot of purses/bags, I buy them like most women buy shoes.