What’s In My Work From Anywhere Bag

For my job, I work from our corporate R&D center, at various locations off-site + I work from home, so I need to have everything I need to work with me at all times. This is a peek into my gear – what I use so I’m always prepared no matter where and when I go.

The Bag

The bag in my last Work Carry post since 2016 and it served me well, but it was time for something else. I just bought this Kate & Alex Cuffaro Bag for $29.99. It’s big enough to hold my work laptop (15.6″ HP) + my personal one if necessary (13″ Dell)  + all my other stuff.

Work Bag GTD

Notice that pocket on the front – I can unclip it and use it as a purse! This is one of the reasons I bought this bag so when I’m flying for work, I can put my phone and drivers license and/or passport in it … misplacing these items in a chaotic airport / security line is the worse kind of feeling – especially when you get to the rental car checkout and can’t find your ID!!!.

In My Work From Anywhere Bag

Other than my laptop, my work from anywhere bag holds my planner, wallet, a pouch with chargers and cords, a pouch with makeup and toiletries, and a leather case for pens.

Work Gear

Electronic Stuff – I take with me always – my KMashi Portable Phone Charger is still going strong after 3 years (see my 2015 Everyday Bag); a USB cord; a Duracell Universal Laptop Charger (similar to this one @ Amazon). This works with both my personal and work laptops, so I don’t have to take 2 different cords with me when I travel.

The charger and cords go in a My Stuff pouch that I’ve had since 2016 – What’s In Our Everyday Bag {Summer Edition}.

My wallet is a gold studded purse that I’ve had for about a year now. It has all the necessities – driver’s license, bank & credit cards + receipts from travel expenses (I have to submit these along with an expense report after every trip).

All Put Together

My All Put Together pouch for toiletries is a new purchase (January 2018). It has a zippered end on both sides – which is the main reason I bought it (plus it’s cute). On one side is my makeup stuff – powder, lipstick, eyeliner. On the other side is a small deodorant, chapstick, lotion, lady stuff and a nail file.

My planner is also always in my bag. This year … New year, new planner – which is currently the a pink-blush Hustle May Designs Folio Planner for Blue Sky from Target. I also carry a pencil case which was a graduation gift from my aunt in 2001 (see the Clemson Tiger sticker on the front). In it is a black pen, a red pen and a  highlighter.

Work Planner and Pencil Case

And finally my Smartphone. Other than just phone calls, calendar and maps – being able to TETHER your phone’s wifi and use it as a hotspot to connect your computer to is so valuable. I have to use this feature multiple times a month.

Other things I carry regularly – Contigo Autoseal Coffee Mug and Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

So that’s a lot – and the bag can be heavy – but it’s actually the minimum stuff I need to work on the go – anytime, anywhere.

What do you have to take with you everyday to work?


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  1. Kimberly

    Mar 22

    Love this bag and all your cute pouches! That removable pocket is awesome!

  2. Gaby

    Mar 18

    I loved the All Put Together pouch! I need one like that.

  3. Will someone please fix the March link for Monthly Motif? I’d like to post my book. Thank you.

  4. barbara

    Mar 18

    I am curious about what phones you are using? Can you reveal?

  5. Zezee

    Mar 18

    That’s a lot of stuff. I’ll look up this purse. I’ve been trying to find a good, strong purse that’s cute and will fit all my stuff without the handles popping, which happened with a few purses in the past.