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What’s In My Everyday Bag [The Fall 2015 Edition]

In my bag

One of my favorite blogs is whats-n-yourbag.tumblr.com. It’s awesome to see what people are toting around, and I thought I’d share my current style.In My Bag

Kelly & Katie Alia Reversible Tote (black) from DSW – I can’t seem to get away from big bags.
❧ iPhone 4S (work) and Nexus 5 (personal)
Sol Jax In-Ear Headphones – audiobook listening whenever I have to wait somewhere.
❧ Pink polkadot purse – sinc my bag is black, I wanted a pop of color inside.
❧ Owl Coin Purse – just because it was too darn cute to reist.
❧Icebreakers Mints – or sometimes chewing gum.
❧ Book – The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma
❧ Nook HD – backup reading material, in case the physical book gets finished while I’m out.
❧ Planner (red) – A heavily customized ARC Planner (from Staples)
❧ Toiletries Bag

Toiletries Bag

Inside – Mouthwash, a ponytail holder, MAC foundation, emergency tampon, eyeliner, lipstick (MAC), lotion, Burt Bees Lip Balm, a pack of tissues, a Rejuvinating Face Wipe.

– Not pictured – sunglasses, because these are in my car, on my face or on top of my head.

What’s one thing you always carry in your bag?

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