New Year New Planner [Another Blue Sky Favorite]

I know, I know – it was just 4 months ago in September when I switched from using  a Bullet Journal to a Blue Sky Planner for Work – which I loved … love! It’s well used, trust me, but . I was walking thro..ugh Target, minding my own business – when another Blue Sky Planner jumped out at me and begged me to buy it!

First – there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Blue Sky planner. In fact, I’ve been using the hell out of it.


But then I saw this beauty – a pink-blush May Designs Folio Planner for Blue Sky from Target. It’s a Traveler’s Notebook inspired planner cover … that comes with 2 removable 6-month planners. There were a few different designs and I went with the one that says HUSTLE on the front.

2018 Blue Sky Planners

What I like … I like the concept of a 6 month planner and then using a different design in another 6 months (since clearly I’m a little fickle). And since both are removable, I can keep just one in for the first few months of the year, and leave the other one in my desk. Why would I do this … because there are some small notebooks designed to fit the planner that are sold separately, so I bought a 2-pack and slid one into the middle of the planner. All 3 fit nicely together in the folio – the 2 6-month planners and the notebook. Or just keep one of the 6 month planners and one notebook like I plan on doing … or one 6 month planner and 2 notebooks – the choice is yours!

Blue Sky Planner

The monthly section is standard calendar layout, while the weekly section is a 2 page design. The left side says To Do, Call/Email etc, – but this is where I write tasks that get transferred from the previous week that I didn’t get to. The right side has a traditional horizontal weekly layout, and this is where weekly tasks get written.

May Designs Blue Sky Planner

And let’s not forget the pen holder on the side – something that you don’t miss until you have to do without it.

Planner Pen - G5

I’m switched to a Precise V5 RT Extra-Fine pen 0.5mm. For my job (working in food manufacturing facilities) they don’t allow pens with separate covers.

So my work planner is set for 2018 with the gorgeous and practical design of the May Designs Folio Planner for Blue Sky from Target.

Did you get a new planner this year? Do you use it for work or personal? Which one did you get?


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