Functional #PlanWithMe Monthly Reset [July 2022]

Welcome back to my planner series where I share how I’m getting myself together and organized for the upcoming month. The last one I did was the March #PlanWithMe and I’ve changed a few things since then.

Girlxoxo July Calendar Confetti

Looking Back at Q2

Highlight – Selling our house and moving to Florida! It was a huge leap of faith since it was the location we had only been to once – in February. It’s been fantastic so far. Could have done better – blogging. I completely fell off the wagon in Spring.

July Focus

This month will be a huge challenge – traveling for work 3 out of 4 weeks. My main goals are to cross at least 6 things off my Summer Fun (G)uide for Adults, read 5 books from My #20BooksofSummer (2022) Reading List and schedule intentional time with friends and extended family. Always keeping in mind my word for the year is Preparation – so taking time to plan things.

Appointments, Holidays & Events

July 4 – US Independence Day and brother’s birthday

We already made and went to doctors and dentist in our new state. Still TBD – a dermatologist and eye doc.

Going Places: For work – Idaho, Maryland and California. I’m excited for these trips because in addition to loving what I do and appreciating the opportunities to see new places, I’ve also already mapped out a few routes in those cities to walk or run while I’m there. TBD – confirm 2 of the trips for August travel, and make all the travel arrangements.

Blogging & Reading

To Be Read List

This is the time to check over our content calendar.


I just started with a multi-sport coach for running, cycling (weights & nutrition), so this month – follow the plan even with travel. A few additional goals to push myself outside of my comfort zone this month.

  • Go on at least 1 group bike ride. TBD – buy new road bike shoes
  • Get in at least 40 miles outdoor recreation rides – do it in the evenings. TBD Make a tracker for this

Summer Fun (G)uide

sunset at the docks

Things to do off the list next month … and I should add this is family time too.

  • ☑ 8. Drive a convertible with the top down
  • ☑ 29. Take surf, kayak, SUP or any water sport lessons –
  • ☑ Watch the sunset (not at home)
  • 5. Group tour
  • 7. Visit a state park
  • 11. Experience a city through its food tours
  • 23. Learn how to play pickle ball or tennis or any other racquet sport.
  • 25. Go to a yoga class that’s outside.

Plan Next Week’s Menu With Me

grilled corn

To be more intentional about eating better, here’s 5 recipes on my meal plan for the next week.

To Watch

I never remember to keep track of what I’ve watched, so I’m going to take a different approach and start tracking what I want to watch. Here’s what’s on my list so far …

  • Finish Ozark Season 4 (Netflix)
  • Finish Stranger Things Season 4
  • Station eleven (HBO Max)
  • Succession (HBO Max)
  • Midnight Mass (Netflix)
  • The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)
  • The Underground Railroad (Prime Video)
  • The White Lotus (HBO Max)
  • Landscapers (HBO Max)

And that’s it for planning for July. Do you sit down and plan your month ahead? How long does it take? I usually do all this during the last week of the current month.


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  1. Nstruss

    Sep 18

    I really enjoyed the activities you talked about during the day and I really want to do it too, thank you

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