2022 Reading Journal Tracker Spreads

This year, for the first time, I decided to create a few reading journal trackers. There’s a lot of inspiration out there with some very creative, artistic and amazing looking spreads … but since my talent doesn’t flow in that direction, what you’ll see here is some simple easy and fun ways to track different aspects of your reading life.

Book Bracket

I love the idea of a book face off – choosing just ONE favorite from the month and pit it against a favorite from another month … until there’s only ONE left standing and crowned my favorite read of the year! Brutal – but I’m looking forward to what will come out on top.

Diverse Authors

To track books by authors of color, I created a spread of links in a chain. Each circular link is colored in when I finish a book. The color used doesn’t represent anything other than being a symbolic rainbow of representation (although it could – like genre for example).

GXO Reading Challenges

We host 3 reading challenges which require a monthly read, so I created a vertical bar graph for each of the challenges – Monthly Motif, Key Words and Book Awards. Each vertical bar is divided into 12 sections – one for each month of the year – and I simply color in the month when I’ve read a book for the challenge.

Books and Pages Read

Although I track the books read on Goodreads, I’m also completing this tracker for the books and the page count (hardcover edition) using a horizontal bar graph. There is a graph for each book, and there’s a different color theme for each month (or no color if I did not finish it). Each little square colored in is 50 pages, and I also write the total number at the end of the graph.

Book Bingo

A long time ago we posted a “Horror” / #WickedGoodReads Book Bingo and I’m reviving it. My goal is to finish one of the vertical columns.

This spread is on 2 pages with a 5×5 box grid for each category. When I’ve completed a book, I shade the box a little and also put the number of the book (I can then find the title in Goodreads or on the pages spread corresponding to the number).

Those are the 5 spreads I’m using this year. I’ve incorporated completing these into my “things to do after I finish reading a book.”


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  1. Beautiful! I love your idea for a book bracket. It seems challenging, but fun too 🙂

  2. I pit my favorite book from each month against each other at the end of the year with my top ten reads. However, I like how you track your books in a journal.

  3. So glad to see the bingo sheet! I’m going to give it a try.

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