Take A (P)eek In My Custom (P)lanner #SummerAtoZ

Over the years I’ve tried countless planners. Some have worked better than others but they’ve all come just slightly short of what I really needed from them. I played around with bullet journaling because I liked that I could set it up how I wanted but then it just took too much time to set up my spreads each month and I stopped doing it. This year I finally decided to bite the bullet and look into custom options that a company would print for me. I found some that I really loved in AgendioI honestly was really surprised at the number of customization options. I was able to customize everything from the color of the text to the spacing between the lines (or dots, if I wanted.) I had a lot of fun playing around with my options and thinking about how I would use the space throughout the year. So far I have loved using this planner because I set it up in a way that works for me specifically.

This is my monthly page. I chose to have dotted lines on each day of the week as well as a space for reading goals and other monthly notes to the right of each monthly calendar. You can also change the font, highlights, which day your week starts on and much more.

I chose to also have a weekly spread that I could lay things out in more detail. You can choose how you divide up your page, the spacing of the boxes, what you name each box, etc. I knew I didn’t need my day scheduled out by the hour so I arranged my boxes to be titled “Morning” and “Afternoon”. I didn’t need an “Evening” box because my evenings are all pretty much the same. I chose to have another box named “Tasks” and I use that box for out of the ordinary tasks that need to be done that day. I dont’ bother putting my cleaning routine in my planner, for example, because that never changes and I have it memorized. I also included a tracker on the bottom of each day to track my daily goals. The boxes to the right are for weekly meal planning, family goals or intentions, personal goals, and bookish/blogging intentions. There is extra space at the top that I’m currently using to track little things like my mood, when I go to sleep every night, and what I need to remember for my sons’ preschool class.

I thought I’d just show you a few pictures of the inside of my planner to give you some ideas of how it can be customized and then encourage you to check into Agendio if you’re in the market for a custom planner. If you click over to their page you’ll see a short video outlining the unique ways you can make your planner all your own. Enjoy!

Do you use a planner? Which brand or method has been your favorite so far?


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