#SummerAtoZ Blog Event Wrap-Up [The 2018 Edition]

Phew! Another summer done and in the books. Every year on the blog, Kim and I do a #SummerAtoZ blog challenge. Last year we crushed it – and this year … well, we spent a lot more time offline, so there were a few “letters” missed – but it was still a fun thing to do and we plan to keep doing it annually.


The summer starts in Audiobook Month so we shared (A)udiobooks Currently on Hold at the Library5 Audiobooks We Recommend for (N)ewbies – and our Favorite Audiobook (L)istening Accessories.

Audiobook Listening Gear

We also recapped our reading year so far in The 2018 Mid-Year Book (F)reak Out Tag [2018 Girlxoxo Edition] and our Fa(V)e #SummerReads of 2018. Plus shared Our Reading (I)nbox [A 2018 Mid-Year Reading List Update] and the 10 Books on Our Fall (R)eading List.

Summer Reading

More Bookishness

Every summer, we participate in a challenge to read at least one book that’s more than 400 pages, so we shared Our Big Book Summer Reading (W)rap Up [The 2018 Edition]. but we balance it out with shorter reads, so we also shared our recommendations for 3 (Q)uick Reads You’ll Fly Through.

We both love genre reading, so we shared 6 Awesome (G)ateway Books Into Magical Realism, (D)rowning in Mysteries and Thrillers Set on the Water and 5 Young Adult (B)ooks Your Adult (B)ook Club Will Love. We also often come across books that we cant believe aren’t more popular, so we shared 5 (U)nderrated Books We Wish You Would Read and A Jump (O)ff Reading List by Genre Of Faves [Vol. 1].

Underrated Favorite Reads

Life & Home

We discuss a lot about books and reading here ar Girlxoxo, but we’re branching out into sharing more lifestyle topics like Read Eat Watch [The (M)id-Summer Edition] and How We Track Reoccurring Household (E)xpenses Using a Shared Google Spreadsheet plus Take A (P)eek In My Custom (P)lanner.

We continued a recently started cooking and kitchen series with (C)ooking the Books: Taste of Home Magazine [The 30 Minute Meals Edition], A Morning (J)ump-Start Hemp Milk Green Smoothie and 10 Foods in Our (K)itchen Right Now. And started sharing a bit more our homes with 4 Favorites From Around the (H)ome.

home sweet home

So – we missed sharing posts with the letter “X” “Y” and “Z” … we just ran out of summer days! But we’ll be back at it next year. For now, we’re looking forward to Fall and all the awesome things we have planned. What was your summer favorite thing (or post on your blog)?


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