Functional Digital (W)eekly Plan With Me

Since last year, I’ve been sharing some of monthly reset and planning, like Functional #PlanWithMe Monthly Reset [July 2022] but a lot of planning is done on a weekly level too. I haven’t had a great system, and have just been doing it on the fly, so I’m trying to improve on that, and decided to try it digitally to see if that would stick. So come along with me as I start the journey.

Weekly (and Monthly) Prompt List

I’m using the NoteShelf app on my tablet (Samsung), and although I started trying to make it all fancy with templates bought on Etsy, I ended up just used the plain notepaper template that comes with Noteshelf. I’ also writing on the tablet with a Stylus.

weekly reset routine list

The first page I set is a prompt list so I can see all the areas that I may need to take action in. I split it in two – Weekly on the left and Monthly on the right. Monthly is typically the same as the weekly, but anything additional in the category will be added here. My first draft isn’t pretty but it’s functional and includes:-

  • monthly goals check
  • blog
  • books /
  • exercise plan
  • meal plan
  • to buy
  • to do
  • finances review
  • to call
  • trip plan
  • house plan / prep
  • schedule appointments
  • schedule appointments
  • update trackers
  • birthdays / anniversaries
  • check calendar
  • challenges
  • go through mail
  • end of month reset (last week of the month)

Not every section is planned every week, but it’s a reminder to look through and add something in that area if necessary. I usually start planning Thursday and on into Friday, so let’s go through what I’ve got to do for the upcoming weekend and week.

(W)eekend 34 and (W)eek 35 Plan With Me

From the prompt list, I’ll go through and create other pages with the heading and anything that needs to be done underneath. I don’t intend to do everything right away, but anything that’s quick to tackle, I’ll try to get it done during this review.

  • Books TBD – Update Goodreads with completed books. Check off items in reading trackers. Next books to read – The Library of the Dead, T.L. Huchu and City of the Lost, Kelley Armstrong. Check in with reading challenges – still need to read books for Book Awards and Key Word.
  • Blog TBD – this is a main focus on weekends and I’m behind so there’s a lot I’d like to do this weekend. I’ve listed out all the posts I’d like to work on, and the photos I need to take undeer this heading.
  • To Buy – adding personal items here – Groceries get added to our erasable dry-erase board on the fridge.
  • To Do – As I go through the my weekly reset routine, I’ll add anything here that is TBD

Exercise – This is just a review of the upcoming plan with my coach. All cycling over the weekend since next week I’m participating in One Love Century Fest (I’m not riding a century – but will do several long rides over the holiday weekend) … and this reminds me to add to my “To Buy” list – electrolytes and protein shakes – and add to my “To Do” list – take my bike to the shop.

Meal Plan – Writing out a few meals that I’ll make over the next week, and adding corresponding items to our grocery list which we keep on the dry erase board on the fridge.

Trip Planning – We have a trip coming up, so under “To Do” are a few items with finalizing hotels & car rental. Under the heading of the actual trip – I put reminders about things I need to take with me – cycling nutrition, heart rate monitor, gear such as bike pump etc.

Not everything needs it’s own section though. For example, * update trackers – I went into my tracker journal and checked off items on the Summer Fun (G)uide with what I did over the previous week / weekend – like “drink fancy cocktails”.

That’s it really. This process happens on Thursdays as I mentioned before, and every day, I open my tablet and go through anything that hasn’t been checked off, with a goal of getting to everything by Monday – and then Monday to Friday I have a quick daily planning routine in the morning – 5-10 minutes max. I’ll share more about the daily in the future, and more details about this process as it evolves.


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