Fall Get Your Shit Together (GYST) Day

Inspired by Kalyn Nicholson’s Youtube vid I decided to make a Fall GYST Day (Get Your Shit Together Day) and dedicate one day to all the things I needed to get done … procrastinate much?!! Here’s what my list looks like – what would be on yours?

On My Fall GYST List

ONE. LAUNDRY. Wash, and more importantly, fold all clothes in the house. I’ve just finished my 4th week of travel – coming home on Thursdays or Fridays. My husband is pretty good about doing the laundry but is not a fan of folding … or spending $ to take them to the wash & fold … or get one of those laundry pick up / drop off services. So, we have quite a few piles. Gonna get it all done today though.

Laundry GYSD Day

TWO. Sort Mail. We have piles and piles of mail. We’re so guilty of picking through the mail, taking out something which we might have to deal with immediately, but letting the rest pile up … and up … and up. But today – I’m sorting, shredding and paying // calling // dealing with the rest.


THREE. Finish adding Fall decor around the house. With me being going most of the week – it’s been hard to thing about decorating. Most weekends are spent hanging out with the family.

FOUR. Go through my work to do list from last week and get everything done or transferred to next week.

Blue Sky Planner

FIVE. Complete all business travel expense reports (3 trips behind) and expense my cell phone bill for the month … last 2 months.

SIX. Make a Christmas gift list. I’d like to take advantage of Thanksgiving sales and get everyone’s gifts early for a change  – I’m shopping all online this year.

That’s all I had time for between all the other regular stuff I had going on. What would be on your Fall GYST list?

(HeaderPhoto by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash)


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