(C)ooking the Books: Taste of Home Magazine [The 30 Minute Meals Edition] #SummerAtoZ

Do you still buy magazines? I don’t buy them much anymore … except for cooking magazines. I love that the recipes in them are for entire meals – unlike cookbooks that tend to just feature one dish. One magazine purchase that’s now dog-eared from use is Taste of Home MagazineThe 30-Minute Meals Edition. Here are 3 recipes that I’ve tried from the magazine – and have made many more times since.

1. Southwestern Sauteed Corn

I’ve already mentioned the Southwestern Sauteed Corn side dish which was amazeballs. I mean … who knew cumin would set this dish OFF!

Southwestern Sauteed Corn

Now that it’s summer, we’re eating a lot more fresh corn but this recipe is a go to for lunches and quick meals when I’ve come home at the end of the day exhausted.

2. Classic Cobb Salad

Another favorite from the Taste of Home 30 Minute Meals Magazine is the Classic Cobb Salad. I have to put my own twist on it replacing olives with bacon bits (either real bacon when we’re feeling fancy, or Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits when we’re not).

Cobb Salad

I mean, a Cobb Salad isn’t hard to do, but something about the presentation of it, which I tried to mimic, made my kids more into my Not-So-Classic Cobb Salad. Can you spot that I didn’t use chicken? I just cut up whatever left-overs was on hand – it happened to be pork chops.

Not So Classic Cobb Salad

3 .Broccoli, Rice & Sausage Dinner

The Broccoli, Rice & Sausage Dinner is another winner from the magazine. My apologies for the messy left-over pictures, but that’s how it is sometimes when you’re in a hurry to eat … pictures are the last thing on my mind!

Messy Broccoli Sausage and Rice Dinner
This meal is like a workhorse – not pretty, but it gets the job done for dinner … and lunch the next day. The cheese on top gets added to whoever wants it. And to make it even better, use Ro-tel (Original) Diced Tomatoes & Green Chiles – it will add a kick … and kick things up a notch.

This 30 Minute Meals Edition of Taste of Home Magazine has been one of my favorites to date, and I’m still going back to it for meal ideas when I do our weekly meal planning. I’ve gotten a lot of use out out it. What’s your favorite magazine to buy – whether it’s cooking or another type? Do you subscribe to any?



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  1. Beth F

    Jul 04

    I still buy cooking magazines. Well, actually, I subscribe to an online magazine service, so for a monthly fee I have access to a ton of magazines. I mostly read only the food ones, though. Because the service allows access to past issues, I’ll have to see if I can get this issue.