Cooking the Books: Taste of Home Magazine Southwestern Sauteed Corn

Why don’t we talk about food here more? I don’t know, so we’re going to change that! Recently, I bought the Taste of Home Magazine – The 30-Minute meals Summer 2018 Edition … because spending a lot of time in the kitchen is not my idea of fun. It has proven to be money well spent, as I’ve recreated some awesome recipes from it … like this Southwestern Sauteed Corn side dish.

The recipe is so freaking easy and simple … and perfect. I made mine with canned Del Monte Summer Crisp Golden Sweet Corn although the recipe called for fresh or frozen corn – it wasn’t a problem. Canned corn is one of the things that I always like to keep stocked in my pantry too.

And I used McCormick spices. Why didn’t anyone tell me about adding Cumin to corn before??! It rocked! Even my picky teenage boys were feeling it. My only other substitution to the recipe was to use dried parsley instead of fresh Cilantro. It made it look pretty as a garnish, but that’s about all I can say it did.

The recipe is highlighted in the picture above and is also available at here. Taste for Home Magazine is one of my favorites for easy to make recipes. And I still buy the print version.

What are your sources for recipes to try? Do you still buy magazines?

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  1. I like that magazine, good recipes. This corn recipe I will definitely try, especially as it’s passed the teenage boy test!

  2. Beth F

    Apr 29

    Hey you! Glad to hear from you. I’m so out of it these days, I feel I’ve lost touch with some of my old blogging friends. Anyway …. Looks like I’m going to have to do some magazine shopping. I love to cook, but let’s face it: 30-minute meals are a god-send. That corn looks awesome. And I love cumin — I add it to everything.

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