(L)atest Audiobook (L)istens

The year is half way over and already I’ve listened to some stellar audiobook narrations. Here’s a look at a few I think are worth mentioning…

The Luminous Dead, Caitlin Starling

This is a pyschological thriller at its best. I’m glad I listened to this on audio because the narration really made it all the more creepy and haunting.

When Gyre Price lied her way into this expedition, she thought she’d be mapping mineral deposits. She also thought that the fat paycheck—enough to get her off-planet and on the trail of her mother—meant she’d get a skilled surface team, monitoring her suit and environment, keeping her safe. Keeping her sane. Instead, she got Em. Em sees nothing wrong with controlling Gyre’s body with drugs or withholding critical information to “ensure the smooth operation” of her expedition. Em knows all about Gyre’s falsified credentials, and has no qualms using them as a leash—and a lash. And Em has secrets, too . . . As Gyre descends, little inconsistencies—missing supplies, unexpected changes in the route, and, worst of all, shifts in Em’s motivations—drive her out of her depths. Lost and disoriented, Gyre finds her sense of control giving way to paranoia and anger.

The Dispatcher, John Scalzi and Zachary Quinto

If you’re a fan of Scalzi you may enjoy this short story from him. I liked the concept a lot and would like to see it fleshed out into a full novel.

One day, not long from now, it becomes almost impossible to murder anyone – 999 times out of a thousand, anyone who is intentionally killed comes back. How? We don’t know. But it changes everything: war, crime, daily life.
Tony Valdez is a Dispatcher – a licensed, bonded professional whose job is to humanely dispatch those whose circumstances put them in death’s crosshairs, so they can have a second chance to avoid the reaper. But when a fellow Dispatcher and former friend is apparently kidnapped, Tony learns that there are some things that are worse than death and that some people are ready to do almost anything to avenge a supposed wrong.It’s a race against time for Valdez to find his friend before it’s too late…before not even a Dispatcher can save him.

Polaris Rising, Jessie Mihalik

Basically this is my new favorite series!! The audiobook really brings the action scenes to life and I, surprisingly, loved the romance element of this book.

Ada eluded her father’s forces for two years, but now her luck has run out. To ensure she cannot escape again, the fiery princess is thrown into a prison cell with Marcus Loch. Known as the Devil of Fornax Zero, Loch is rumored to have killed his entire chain of command during the Fornax Rebellion, and the Consortium wants his head.

When the ship returning them to Earth is attacked by a battle cruiser from rival House Rockhurst, Ada realizes that if her jilted fiancé captures her, she’ll become a political prisoner and a liability to her House. Her only hope is to strike a deal with the dangerous fugitive: a fortune if he helps her escape. But when you make a deal with an irresistibly attractive Devil, you may lose more than you bargained for.

Nyxia Uprising, Scott Reintgen

This is the culmination of the Nyxia series and it’s so good! I was worried but man, this book really brought it home and tied things up so beautifully. I love these books.

Desperate to return home to Earth and claim the reward Babel promised, Emmett and the Genesis team join forces with the Imago. Babel’s initial attack left their home city in ruins, but that was just part of the Imago’s plan. They knew one thing Babel didn’t. This world is coming to an end. Eden’s two moons are on a collision course no one can prevent. After building eight secret launch stations, the Imago hoped to lure Babel down to their doomed planet as they left it behind. A perfect plan until the Genesis team’s escape route was destroyed.

Favorite audiobook so far this year?

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