Each year we host a fun little summer challenge here on Girlxoxo called #SummerAtoZ. From now until the end of the summer we’ll be posting our way from A to Z with fun and creative post topics each starting (or including/starring) every letter of the alphabet. Come join in the fun!

We’d love for you to join us in blogging A to Z this summer! Blog topics are totally your choice and you can blog at your own pace – we’re focusing on anything related to “a reader’s life.” If you miss a letter, no biggie! Totally pressure-free and just for fun. Post to your blog or even to Instagram. Use the hashtag #SummerAtoZ when you post. Take a look at our past event posts for some ideas.

We are shooting for posting every MWF until we end with the letter Z. Feel free to set your own schedule and come have some summer fun with us!


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  1. Bev

    May 26

    Sounds like a fun way to enjoy a readerly life over the summer. I’m in.

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