Welcome to our monthly check-in where I’m sharing what was going on in this reader’s life and on the blog over the past few weeks of May.

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ONE+ We are full on into our 5th month of our hosted reading challenges. How are you doing with yours? I’ll admit I was challenged with the Middle Grade theme for the May Monthly Motif Reading Challenge [May Check-In] but I got in a book each for the Key Word Reading Challenge (The Nine, C.G. Harris) and the Book Award Reading Challenge (The Rust Maidens, Gwendolyn Kiste – which won a 2018 Bram Stoker Award for First Novel). You can also join our Goodreads Challenge Group

TWO+ Kim and I usually check-in each week with Reading Lately and it was all about audiobooks for me. I thought I wasn’t going to have any 5-starts read this month, but over the last few days I read the novella Princess Floralinda and The Forty Flight Tower, Tamsyn Muir which was excellent! What was the best book you read this month?

THREE+ Kim continued sharing some of her meal plans this month with May Dinner Menu (such great ideas), and it was my turn to share A Day in the Life – May Edition. This really showed what Spring is all about for me – being outside in my up and coming garden space.

purple balloon flower spring

FOUR+ I’ve been going hard with cycling and walking/jogging/running/crawling over the last few months, but in May it was such a struggle. I think I was just burnt out. I’m so happy I signed up with a running group way back in March because that was sometimes the only times I’d do anything. That said, I started the month with my first ride outside for the year (and only one so far) – and ended it with my longest run of the year both outside and on the treadmill 4+ miles … and I didn’t feel like death at the end – so win win!

FIVE+ Perhaps my favorite highlight from the month is that my youngest graduated from high school! I cannot even believe it, but I’m excited for him and the next phase – which will be college – where he’ll continue swimming … but alas, he’s given up playing the Saxophone … although I till have a few months to convince him not to.

SIX+ I already posted my May Favorite Things but I also get things that I think are not worth it / a waste of money. This month it was Dawn Power Wash Spray. Nope – I’m sticking with regular liquid dish detergent, because it’s worthless to have to spray for each thing you’re washing.

SEVEN+ My husband and I and our youngest son have now received both doses of the COVID vaccine. A lot of places are no longer requiring masks if you’ve had the vaccine, but I’m still being cautious and wearing mine everywhere.

Looking forward for the rest of Spring -> getting out more – especially on the bike. Also logging some miles with my running group on Global Running Day which is June 2nd – the start of the 2021 Big Book Summer Reading Challenge (which technically kicked off over Memorial Day weekend at the end of May) and the20 Books of Summer Challenge (this is the first year I’m participating).

What was your most memorable highlight this month? Any plans for the rest of Spring?


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  1. Completely Full Bookshelf

    Jun 02

    It’s exciting that you’ll be participating in the Big Book Summer Challenge this year! I am doing so as well for the first time, and I’m looking forward to it. Congrats on the COVID vaccines and your child’s graduation from high school—those are both very exciting! Thanks so much for the great post!