Reading Lately [Character Driven]

Last week Kim shared her recently read books were giving her all the feels. This week, it’s my turn to share – and it seems like the books I read since my last update – were all character driven.


The Nine, C.G. Harris

Don’t you just love it when you randomly come across a book and it’s just amazing?! I randomly picked this book to satisfy the May Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge – actually, I listened to the audiobook and the narrator, McLeod Andrews, was fantastic with the portrayal of the characters. The book itself centers on Gabe who’s “living” in the after-life and seems to have carved out a niche for himself. He’s snarky and witty in every situation – it’s a miracle he hasn’t been killed because of it … again. Gabe is really the star of the show – but the situation he finds himself in – being a double agent for the Judas Agency – well, how will he navigate this!
The plot is rather fast paced – the audiobook is just 6+ hours – but the story is rich in vivid details – I mean it has to be! At times, the novel does feel like it’s doing a little too much with the characters – but I’m here for it! I look forward to reading the other books in the series.)

Good Company, Cynthia Sweeney D’Aprix

I got Good Company to read as an advanced reader copy on Netgalley mainly because I was familiar with the author’s debut novel The Nest (one of the Top 10+ Books That Blew Our Minds in 2016). This is contemporary fiction which is not my usual thing and when I first started reading, I wasn’t quite sure I liked it or what to expect. But the author kept pulling me in. This book is about friends and marriages and success and failure. It was wonderful reading about Flora and Julian and Margot. It’s about characters and their everyday lives. While I really enjoyed it while reading though – I have to say this didn’t leave much of a lasting impression – and was kind of forgettable. So good book to read and it definitely has a place when you’re just looking for uncomplicated – and if you haven’t read The Nest also by D’Aprix – please do!

The Never Learn, Layne Fargo

Now is about the time I start reading darker books for Wicked Good Reads (in October) – which I why I picked up They Never Learn which is about Scarlett, a female serial killer who’s taking out men who have shat upon women. It is quite interesting to hear about it from her point of view. This s is a quick thrilling read. It is a little trite and formulaic, but hey – it’s a formula for a reason – because it works!

Those are 3 of the books I finished recently. What are you currently reading? I’m moving on to Sorrowland, Rivers Solomon.


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