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My last Reading Lately update was a little more than a month ago, and it was about the audiobooks I was listening to then. Well … I’m still listening leaning heavily on audiobooks … more than I’ve been reading eBooks or physical books.


Fugitive Telemetry (The Murderbot Diaries #6), Martha Wells – Narrated by Kevin R. Free

Length: 4 hrs and 24 mins – I was surprised when I saw the newly released audiobook of Fugitive Telemetry available on Scrib’d – and I just had to listen right away. It’s a new adventure showing the introduction of Murderbot to Presevation’s society (it seems to take place before the novel – but it stands on it’s own). In this story, Murderbot is asked to help station security solve a crime and so it has to interact with people – you know it hates that! Also face bias and prejudice … all with it’s snarky winning personality 🙂 As with the rest of the series, the world building is believable and the story is entertaining and exciting.

The narrator, Kevin R. Free, captures the spirit of Murderbot – the wit and all the attitude – sometimes childish – sometimes condescending – always a fierce protector. Free has narrated the other books in the Murderbot series.

The Rust Maidens, Gwendolyn Kiste – Narrated by Melanie Carey


Length: 9 hrs and 13 mins – I read The Rust Maidens to satisfy the May Book Awards Challenge – since it won a 2018 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel. This book had quite an interesting concept – girls whose bones start turning into metal – a small town that doesn’t know how to deal with it, plus the town is going through a depression as the mill closes and jobs are loss. This book was a relatively slow tease of a story that’s ultimately about what happens when everything around you starts to decay. Things are just bleak and get bleaker – even when Phoebe Shaw returns home 40 years later.

While this book is not horror in my opinion (hmmm … am I really saying that girls whose bones start to turn to metal is not horror?!), but it is a solid read that’s dark, full of despair but will somehow pull you in and make you keep reading. The story is a little slow at times though.

The Drowning Kind, Jennifer McMahon – Narrated by: Joy Osmanski, Imani Jade Powers

Length: 11 hrs and 48 mins – This book was atmospheric, haunting and it managed to maintain a constant level of suspense. It’s not a thriller, but more of a slow tease of a story. It was interesting premise and I enjoyed how the author went back and forth between the present and past. Overall a solid read. I’ve read a few books by McMahon – The Winter People, Don’t Breathe A Word (my fave) and Burntown – and she always makes me feel caressed by her stories.

Those are the books I’ve finished recently. What are you currently reading? I’m moving on to The Nine, C.G. Harris for my next audiobook – which satisfies the May Key Word Reading Challenge.


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  1. While I listen to a couple of audiobooks a month, I still read much more than listen.