Tanya Patrice here checking in with you this week while still on vacation. I found some time to finish listening to an audiobook and read a novella as I’m trying to get in books for reading challenges right at the beginning of the month.

First up was You, Caroline Kepnes. This is a psychological thriller told from the point of view of Joe Goldberg, who is pretty much stalking the object of his affection, Beck. He insinuates himself into her life and does some pretty creepy things to win her affection. It is really a chilling look at how sane he thinks he is (the story is told from his point of view) and his justifications all the things he does to get to Beck. I defy you to not want to read this book straight through – and really, to not be dazzled by the audiobook narration by Santino Fontana.

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I also finished reading Drowned Country (The Greehollow Duology #2), Emily Tesh. I read the first novella in this fantasy series, Silver in the Wood, late last year, and the story stuck with me so much so that I just fell right back in this World when I started Drowned Country. Emily Tesh can certainly create lively worlds! We follow Tobias and Henry Silver as they work together to solve a mystery of a girl presumably taken by a very old and dangerous vampire … while they work out an attraction to each other that has gotten complicated.

Next up should be a September Book Award winner. I was going to read either Hamnet, Maggie O’Farrell or The Glorious Heresies, Lisa McInerney … but then last week, Piranesi, Susanna Clarke was announced as the 2021 Women’s Prize for Fiction Winner, so that’s what I’m going to read instead.

What book are you currently reading and why did you choose it?


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  1. Tanya Patrice

    Sep 23

    @Catherine – I’m reading Piranesi and liking it so far. I’ve seen mixed reviews about Hamnet so just wasn’t sure I should get it – but ooh now I might have to read it too!

  2. Catherine

    Sep 23

    I’m late to seeing this, but would love to know which book you chose? I recently read Hamnet and was floored by it. I was crying at the last page.

    I’ve had hit or miss reading this month, but started Alice Hoffman’s Book of Magic last night and am already immersed. Really hoping it stays strong throughout.