Paperless Tech Gear {Wireless All-in-One Printers}

This year, I’m focusing a lot more on digitizing almost all of the paper and documents that enter my home. There’s a few different types of tech to move towards a paperless lifestyle, and one of the essentials  is a Wireless All-in-One printer – one that can Print, Scan (to email or computer) and Copy.

Wireless All-in-One Printer Basics

Wireless – so you can connect from multiple devices – laptop, desktop, tablet and even smartphones.

Scan – This is particularly useful for keeping records. Even better, make sure the printer has a scan to email or to a computer function.

Print – Because there will be situations where paperless won’t cut it.

Copy – This is a standard feature and still very useful.

Fax – I don’t really think it’s necessary in this day and age, but most all-in-one printers also include the fax function. I personally use the free service of FaxBurner on the rare cases when I need to receive a fax.


Two of my go-to-resources for tech points that featured articles on the best wireless printers and best all-in-one printers point to having decent options below US $200.

Learning Curve

Medium. Figure out how to set it up on a network. And figure out how to scan to email or to your computer. The last thing I used my All-in-One for was to scan documents for the house we’re buying. I needed to send a bunch of things to the mortgage broker, and our paper records are really kind of a mess after our cross-country move a little bit over a year ago.

Do you own a Wireless printer? Or an All-in-One Printer? At casa Tanya Patrice, we’ve had the HP 6600 wireless printer for more than 3 years now, and I have no complaints. It does it’s job and works well.

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