6 (P)lanner Accessory Essentials

Journaling, Life, Organizing

I’ve been all over the map when it comes to planning. Some years I use a bullet journal. Some years I use a spiral bound notebook....

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A Work Planner Setup for 2020

Organizing • One Comment

We’re just about into the third month of 2020, so I’ve had 2 months to figure out which type of planner works best for me, what...

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How I Meal Plan for An Entire Year All At Once

Life, Organizing • 7 Comments

Kim here- to talk meal planning with you today! Here at Girlxoxo we love food. I might even consider food another love language that I very...

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5 Changes I Made To My Planning Routine for 2020

Life, Organizing • 4 Comments

Last year I floundered a lot when it came to planning and organization. I was inconsistent and often found myself doing things at the last...

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Plan With Me 2020 [Goal Setting Including a Free Printable]

Organizing • 2 Comments

Here’s how I went about setting goals for the upcoming year, and the resources and tools I’m using to help me achieve those...

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Functional Plan With Me [November 2019]

Life, Organizing • One Comment

Towards the end of every month, I sit down and plan for the upcoming month and holidays … I love to plan (maybe more than I love...

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My 2019 Everyday Carry

Life, Organizing • 2 Comments

For my job, I work from many different places – including from home, at our corporate center, and at many off-site locations –...

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Functional Plan With Me [May 2019]

Life, Organizing • 3 Comments

I’ve wanted to do this sort of functional plan with me post for a while. I’ve watched many of the “Plan WIth Me”...

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#PlanWithMe 2019 All the Planners, Apps and Spreadsheets

Life, Organizing • 3 Comments

I probably like the process of planning more than the actual carrying out of all the plans, but this year I’m taking everything...

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Organizing Solutions for Over-sized Kitchen Silverware Drawers

Life, Organizing

I recently read somewhere about how we sometimes live with small annoying things for a long time before actually doing something about it....

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