6 (P)lanner Accessory Essentials

I’ve been all over the map when it comes to planning. Some years I use a bullet journal. Some years I use a spiral bound notebook. Some years I use a traditional planner. It doesn’t matter what it is but I’ve got to have some kind of planning system. I love having everything mapped out and written down so I can look ahead and back at the year. Along with a planner, I’ve got to have some fun accessories to inject some personality and life into my planning process. Here’s a look at my essentials…

I tend to stick to the academic calendar as that is what my families lives revolve around right now. This year I need something that I can keep both my young kids schedules in, my new teaching schedule as an adjunct professor, and all the personal stuff I like to include. I looked at a lot of planners and finally settled on the Day Designer planner in the Field of Daisies pattern.

And here are the fun things I plan to use along with my new planner…

WASHI TAPE: I might be addicted to washi tape. I love to use to decorate and to add dividers in my planner. I also use it to cover up sections that I’m not currently using so that I can use those sections for other things.

MICRON BLACK PENS: These are my favorite pens for general writing in my planner. I use the .08 size for headers and the .05 size for regular writing. I love how bold and precise they are.

MIDLINER HIGHLIGHTERS: These Midliners are my absolute favorite markers for highlighting sections in my planner that I want to add color to or tasks that I want to mark as completed.

POUCHES: I’ve got to have a cute pouch to carry my markers, pens, washi tape and other accessories. I’ve had these for ages. The pink marker holder came from Target as did the brown pen case. The black pouch came from Nordstroms decades ago.

STICKERS: I like to keep my planner very minimal so I don’t use a lot of stickers. But I do like to have stickers to mark holidays or special occasions.

PAGE MARKER: Usually a planner will come with a ribbon marker or a removeable page marker. If it doesn’t, I always buy one. I sometimes like to use magnetic book marks to hold pages that I come back to frequently throughout the year- like goals pages. I just ordered this set of magnetic bookmarks that I think will match my planner nicely and I can use the leftovers for my books.

How do you like to keep track of your life? Are you a planner user?


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