Kim here with our monthly check-in -> March was a quiet one and I anticipate April will be much the same. Around here we’re in survival mode until summer hits- then it’s game on!

From The Blog

ONE. Tanya rounded up some of her Favorite Things lately and shared them with us. 

Fave Sephora Lip Scrub Lilac Handsoap

TWO. We’ve been taking a look at some of our Reading Firsts of the Year for the last few years. It’s always so fun to see how we kicked things off. 

THREE. You have to check out this amazing post about All the Ways Tanya is Organizing Stuff in 2021. There are some really smart ideas here!

FOUR. Need some dinner ideas? We’ve got you with our March Dinner Menu.  

FIVE. We’ve taken a break from weekly link posts to bring back Reading Lately, which is a quick look at what we’ve read recently and what we’ve just started. 

SIX. Our reading challenges are still going strong and we’re ready for another month! You can also join our Goodreads Challenge Group

2021 Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge

2021 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

2021 Book Awards Reading Challenge


SEVEN. It’s time to figure out your Spring TBR! I’m thinking of participating in the Spring Into Horror Readathon hosted by Seasons of Reading. I’m actually kind of in the mood for some scary paranormal reads right now!

EIGHT. In an effort to get back my #bookstagram mojo, I decided to try participating in a few monthly challenges. I’ve never done one before because I thought they’d be too restrictive. I’m pleased to find that they’re really fun- as long as you choose a challenge that fits you. I’ve been pretty good about posting regularly now. My favorites so far are #grimdragon, #bookreadhappyhour, and #thedarksideofbooks

Life Lately

NINE. In TV, hubs and I finally watched The Mandalorian. I hadn’t read any reviews about the show so the first episode threw me for a loop. I honestly couldn’t figure out if it was cheesy good or cheesy bad. Turns out I loved the series! Now, I want more!

TEN. More kids movies for us. We saw Raya and the Last Dragon, in our little rural theater, which was actually pretty good! 

ELEVEN. Spring Break saw us heading south again. We are lucky to live so close to some of the most amazing National Parks here in Utah. But because we knew they’d all be busy, we headed to a lesser known state park called Goblin Valley. Perfect for a much needed quick getaway. 

TWELVE. I’m still on the hunt for a new pair of hiking shoes. While looking I got a little side tracked and ordered these Roxy Giana Flip Flops and these Puma Skye sneaks. I love them both so much! 

What has been the best thing that has happened to you this month?


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  1. Ann

    Mar 31

    The Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof are my favorite hiking boots. They were perfect right from the start.

    • @Ann Thank you!! I will check them out. I have looked at so many. I’m getting a little overwhelmed with the options but I really need to find some soon.