2022 Reading Challenge Check In

Well, it’s that time of year where we look back on our reading and see how we did with the challenges we committed to. I’m pretty happy with how I did in 2022. I always have fun with reading challenges and never put too much pressure on myself to be perfect with them. I just enjoy how reading challenges stretch my reading and encourage me to pick up new and different books each year. Here’s how I did…

Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge

Months Completed: 12 out of 12!! I actually did it!

Favorite Book Read for the Challenge: Book of Cold Cases, Simone St. James which I read in August for the key word “CASE.” I loved this murdery mystery that spanned decades, included some paranormal aspects, and brought characters from different backgrounds together.

Least Favorite Book Read for the Challenge: People We Meet on Vacation, Emily Henry which I read for the July key word “PEOPLE.” I know I’m in the minority here but I hated this book. Absolutely nothing happens in it and it turned out to be a boring disappointment.

Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

Months Completed: 11 out of 12 so far, but hopefully I’ll finish by the end of the month. I plan to read Firekeeper’s Daughter, Angeline Boulley for this month’s theme of “The Fire is So Delightful”.

Favorite Book Read for the Challenge: In My Dreams I Hold A Knife, Ashley Winstead which I read in October for the theme of “Murder or Magic.” I thought this was a solid murder mystery even though none of the characters are likeable.

Least Favorite Book Read for the Challenge: Honestly, I didn’t love many of the books I read for this challenge this year. I didn’t hate them either. Most of them were just meh. I don’t think I can pick just one.

Book Award Reading Challenge

Months Completed: 6 out of 12 which really bums me out because the other books I’d picked were ones I am still really excited to read and still plan to read.

Favorite Book Read for the Challenge: Piranesi, Susanna Clarke which one the Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2021. I just lost myself in this book. I listened to it on audio and loved the narrator. I know some people didn’t quite get the hype for this book and I can see that. I do wonder if I’d read it at a different time in the year I’d have had the same reaction to it. Could have been right time, right place that contributed to it being a win for me.

Least Favorite Book Read for the Challenge: None! I really loved every single book I read for this challenge.

How did you do on your reading challenges this year? Do you plan to participate in any reading challenges for 2023?


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