10 Things This Christmas [The 2022 Gift Giving Edition]

Today’s topic for #AMonthofFaves is all about how you’re doing Christmas season. Last year I shared the gifts I was giving – and I’m doing the same again this year. Here’s some of the gifts I’m giving the people in my life.

ONE+ Let’s start with the men in my life because they are so much harder to find things for. My husband love basketball and football, so from Lids I’m getting him hats reppin’ his favorite teams – Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Cowboys.

TWO+ For the boys, they want $$, so I’m giving them both gift cards, but since they both love graphic tees, I got them hoodies and t-shirts from Design by Humans including this Gamer Boy one since they both are still into gaming.

THREE+ My nephew is only 4. He loves dinosaurs, monster trucks and cars so I hope he will like the Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Rapid Launch Builder Box Track Set.

FOUR+ For the athlete in my life, my brother, I got the FORM Smart Swim Goggles. Your swim workout shows up on the goggles screen – how cool is that!

FIVE+ My dad goes walking almost every morning, so he’s getting a pair of sneakers – Nike Pegasus – he won’t replace his unless we get him new ones.

SIX+ Both my mom and I love everything from Bath and Body Works, so I re-stocked her with lotions, sprays and body wash. Love that their sale is at the beginning of December (better than the Black Friday deals).

SEVEN+ My sister-in-law, I got an Initial Bracelet from byChari to match the necklace from last year.

EIGHT+ My niece is getting a hoverboard … that’s one of the things she requested for Christmas and I’ll let my brother worry about the practicality of it all.

NINE+ I also couldn’t resist getting her this DASH Mini Waffle Maker since she’s been into baking recently.

TEN+ And I’m putting myself on the list. I requested a cycling jersey and matching compression socks.

Gifts are definitely not the point of the season, but I do enjoy sitting and thinking about each person that’s special to me, and knowing the things they like to do. I hope they feel seen and know that something is thinking about them.


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