Summer (F)avorite Things – The Bath and Beauty Edition

Take a peek at a few of our favorite bath and beauty items lately…


ONE+ I recently got these Aviator Ray-Bans on a deep discount and I have been wearing them every chance I get. I love wearing shades generally, but these are the only “expensive” pair I own – and the therefore, I’ve been wearing the hell out of them and treating them like one of my children!

Aviator ray Bans

TWO+ Impress Press-On Nails are the main reason my nails have grown! $7.99 for a pack with 30. No GLUE! Easy to put on and take off with NO NAIL DAMAGE! The one thing I will say is that – they don’t last long. Usually at least one nail comes off within a day or 2 – but it’s easy to replace and there’s 2 replacements in the same pack. To make them last longer – don’t put your hands in water within the first few hours of putting them on – and use gloves when washing dishes.

~ KIM ~

THREE+ I’ve mentioned Neutrogena Age Shield Sunscreen before but it’s so worth talking about again. I love this stuff! I always hate putting sunscreen on my face, but because I already battle rosacea, a sunburn on my nose would most definitely make me look like Rudolph. This suncreen is SPF 110 and oil free so it keeps my face extra protected and feels basically like I’m putting on lotion. I wear it every day all year long.

FOUR+ Speaking of rosacea, this Loreal Magic BB Cream is the only correcting cream I’ve found that consistently evens out my skin tone and balances the red tint to my t-zone. I love it.

FIVE+ This Hempz Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon Lotion was a gift. I use it after I shave my legs. It smells incredible!

What has been your go to bath or beauty product this summer besides sunscreen?

(Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash)


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