20 Summer (J)ournaling Prompts #SummerAtoZ

summer journalSummer is one of my favorite times to journal and write. I love sitting out on my patio in the evening with a notebook in my lap. I think summer invites a lot of dreaming, reminiscing, and general memory keeping magic. Here are a few (J)ournal prompts (#SummerAtoZ) to help you get started in recording your summer magic…

    1. What’s your favorite summer memory?
    2. Where is your favorite summer tourist spot?
    3. Where is your favorite place to hang out on a hot day?
    4. What things do you love/dislike about summer?
    5. What is a summer tradition your family has?
    6. How do you welcome summer each year?
    7. Choose five words to describe your summer this year.
    8. What’s your summer bucket list?
    9. How did you spend the 4th of July?
    10. Did you swim, camp, or hike this summer? Write about your experience.
    11. What books do you plan to read this summer?
    12. What’s your favorite summer food, drink, or treat?
    13. Write about who you spent time with this summer.
    14. What is something new you tried this summer or somewhere new you went?
    15. Describe your perfect summer day.
    16. What do you think is the best summer setting in a book?
    17. What will you miss most about this summer?
    18. What new dreams or plans did you make this summer?
    19. What were your favorite summer purchases?
    20. What did you wish you’d done more of this summer?

What’s been the best thing about this summer for you?

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