Here’s a look at some interesting things we recently read/ saw / thought / did.

Reading Books

ONE+ If you like psychological thrillers, then you might want to check out 21 Books with Secretive Spouses.

TWO+ This Interview With A Book Club Organizer | Sari Pabst was super interesting.

THREE+ Have you read any of The 10 Longest Sales Streaks at No. 1 in Amazon History?

FOUR+ For books coming out this year to put on your reading list, check out Litreactor’s Most Anticipated Books of the First Half of 2019 and 7 Exciting Debut Novels Coming Out in 2019.

FIVE+ Here’s an excellent reading spreadsheet for book tracking – and don’t forget our 2019 Reading Challenges Tracker [FREE Spreadsheet].

Reading Challenges Tracker

SIX+ Check out this Literary Dinner | The Nutcracker – fantastic!

SEVEN+ Do you use any of these 15 Book Recommendation Sites To Find Your Next Book? Some of these sites are new to me.

EIGHT+ Sad that we need someone to say it – but I’m glad they did – It’s Actually Fine to Not Read Racist Books … I know I don’t do … way too many authors out there for me to support – so I’m not going to spend my time and money on one that writes racist books – or that I’ve found out has racist views.

NINE+ I did NOT know you could Share an Audible Book with a Friend (for free).

TEN+ Open Endings: Can You Live With Them? I cannot – this is one of my pet-peeves. There have been a few occasions where I didn’t hate an open-ending – but that’s very, VERY rare.

The Reading List

ELEVEN+ Last week I mentioned 18 TV And Movie Adaptations That Are Hitting Screens In 2019 and 25 Books Hitting the Screen in 2019 … but here’s another list – The Big Book-to-Screen Adaptations of 2019.

TWELVE+ The BEST 12 Twitter Chats and Hashtags for Book Lovers.

THIRTEEN+ For us bloggers … The blogging tools that keep Everyday Reading running. Are you using any of these tools? A few are new to me.

FOURTEEN+ Do you have Favorite Food and Drink Brands? Or do you just go with whatever is cheapest?

FIFTEEN+ This week here on GXO, we shared our Recent Fave New Author Discoveries, 14 Reading Challenge Groups on Goodreads and discussed 5 Types of Book Series Break-Ups.

Book Series Break-Ups



It’s seemed like a slow reading month for me – I finished The Pure in Heart, Susan Hill which was OK – nothing special – followed by the audiobook of Spinning Silver, Naomi Novik, which was FANTASTIC (Kim had it as one of her Best Books We Read This Year [The 2018 Edition]), and then A Stranger in the House, Shari Lapena – which I also really liked.

Now I’m currently listening to the audiobook of another of Lapena’s novels, An Unwanted Guest, and reading the collection of short stories, Friday Black, Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah – which although it’s been widely praised, I’m finding the stories uneven

What are you currently reading? How was your week?

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5 Replies to “15 Things This Week”

  1. I feel like I was having a slow reading season in November/December, but it’s getting better now in January.

    I enjoyed Spinning Silver, but now I feel silly for not listening to it on audio. It seems like it would be fantastic that way!

  2. Janssen says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’m so glad it was helpful!

  3. I am off to check out the book to screen lists though I always get nervous about them if I loved the books.

  4. Re: number eight. I had this person last year who got so upset with me for not reading books she thought I should read (the author is very popular and has a history of being really transphobic on Twitter), because, in her words, “you have to separate the art from the artist.” Um, no, I really don’t. LOL Like you said, there are way too many authors out there I can support instead. Great article you linked, thank you!