2024 Key Word Reading Challenge

We’re moving to ChapterAdventure.com, so check out the Key Word Reading Challenge there (and the monthly-check-ins).

Welcome back to another year of the Key Word Reading Challenge! We’re very excited to be hosting again.


:: Your task is simple. Read a book each month with one (or more) of the key words in the title.

:: Variations of key words are allow. For example: Drown, Drowning, Drowned are all okay for the key word ‘drown’.

:: Post about your read on any platform using the hashtag #keywordreadingchallenge

:: Follow @chapter_adventure on Instagram and Threads if you’re on there

:: Consider joining our Goodreads Group (GXO Reading Challenges)

:: We have decided to take a step back from blogging so we will not be putting up monthly check in posts here on Girlxoxo.com. But we will be checking in on all of the above platforms.

Thank you for your support !


JAN– Secret, Heaven, True, House, Come, Only, Know, Winter⁠

FEB– Heir, Night, Bride, Down, Women, Hand, Teach, Guest⁠

MAR– Story, Hunt, Plot, City, You, Cry, Another, Paint⁠

APR– Darling, Funny, Familiar, Somewhere, List, Meet, Never, Word⁠

MAY– Library, Dark, Drown, Ex, Iron, Done, Love, Stranger⁠

JUN– Ink, Fragile, Road, Summer, Breath, Every, Push, Sorry⁠

JUL– Mine, Again, Honey, Paradise, Still, Club, Train, Legend⁠

AUG– School, Cut, Sky, Fate, Wing, Belong, Justice, Way⁠

SEP– Twice, World, Man, Quiet, Sweet, Hold, Shallow, Invisible⁠

OCT– Vampire, Here, Mist, Death, One, Missing, Bite, Witch⁠

NOV– Spice, Life, Hello, Keep, Truly, Couple, Joy, Young⁠

DEC– Snow, Season, Ice, Merry, White, Under, Mistletoe, Inn⁠


// Comments //

  1. cinzia

    Dec 30

    I’m in, of course! 😀

  2. Gilda

    Nov 28

    This will be my first year doing this challenge, so, yeah, a real challenge!

  3. Kim

    Nov 07

    So glad you’re joining in again!! 🙂

  4. I am definitely rejoining the challenge.

    • Kim

      Nov 07

      Yay! Glad to have you back.

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