3 Audio Books My Husband Convinced Me To Listen To

Hubby Approved Books

Would you believe that my husband listens to three times as many audio books as I do? And here I am, the “book blogger”. Here are three books he recently convinced me to pick up…So the funny thing about this is that my husband was not a reader when we first met. I started reading books to him in the evening (mostly so I could read without feeling like I was ignoring him) and then I started packing audio books for us to listen to on road trips. It spiraled from there and now my husband constantly has his headphones in.

Wayfaring Stranger, James Lee Burke

It is 1934 and the Depression is bearing down when 16-year-old Weldon Avery Holland happens upon infamous criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow after one of their notorious armed robberies. A confrontation with the outlaws ends as Weldon puts a bullet through the rear window of Clyde’s stolen automobile.

Wool, Hugh Howey

In a ruined and toxic landscape, a community exists in a giant silo underground, hundreds of stories deep. There, men and women live in a society full of regulations they believe are meant to protect them. Sheriff Holston, who has unwaveringly upheld the silo’s rules for years, unexpectedly breaks the greatest taboo of all: He asks to go outside.

His fateful decision unleashes a drastic series of events.

The Son, Jo Nesbo

Sonny Lofthus is a strangely charismatic and complacent young man. Sonny’s been in prison for a dozen years, nearly half his life. Sonny took the first steps toward addiction when his father took his own life rather than face exposure as a corrupt cop. When he learns a stunning, long-hidden secret concerning his father, he makes a brilliantly executed escape from prison – and from the person he’d let himself become.

My husband is the lucky guy who has the ability to listen to a book on audio (and actually comprehend it) while he’s doing just about anything. I can’t do that and have to listen only when I’m doing some mundane chore. So he gets through a ton of books.

Have you read any of these? What other audio books would you recommend I check out?




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  1. Tanya Patrice

    Nov 14

    I loved the audiobook of The Son, Nesbo. I was actually a little mad with Nesbo for daring to write a book that was not part of the Harry Hole series – leaving me hanging – but The Son turned out to be really good.

    • I’m definitely planning on reading more Nesbo. Funny thing is, I was the one who told my husband to read The Son after you wrote about it on the blog awhile back. I thought he’d like it. Then he turned around and told me I should read it too.