This is How I Plan {For School}

how-i-study-3My planning system for grad school is super simple. I use my bullet journal to track major due dates and map out assignments that require several steps to finish. Here’s how my system works…Each month I draw out a color coded calendar. You can use a regular planner for this if you don’t have time to draw your own. I do my own because it’s a creative hobby for me.

At the top of the calendar each course is given a color and then I write major due dates on the calendar with the corresponding color dot next to it. I circle the days I plan to go to the library for study sessions.

how-i-study-1Tips for Procrastinators Like Me:

  1. Put your assignment down as due 3-4 days before it’s actually due. For some reason this really helps me even though I technically know I have a few extra days to work on it. Jedi mind tricks or something. Plus, if I get sick or something comes up then those extra days come in handy.)
  2. Actually schedule your study time into your week and then tell people you will be unavailable during those times. I let my husband know at the beginning of the week which nights I’ll be headed to the library. This really helps me to work hard during those study times because I know I’m only getting a 2-3 each week.

how-i-study-2On the page opposite my due date calendar I break it down into study days. I write the date I plan to study on the left side of the page and then next to it I’ll write what I hope to accomplish during that study session. This is how I break down bigger assignment into little steps.

I’ve color coded the work as well so I can remember what class it’s for. I only map this page out a week in advance so that it’s not totally screwed up if I manage to work ahead a little bit or if I fall behind.

And that’s it! Simple and easy for me to keep up with.

What system do you use to track weekly tasks or school work?



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